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Community Discussion

A place for members to share their experiences of life outside of gaming.The purpose is to share unique life experiences and connect with each other, no matter how far the distance!

World of Warcraft

Hello and Welcome to our WoW Guilds on Area 52 (H) and Proudmoore (A). For an invite into either guild (or both), please join via the guild finder in-game (on the appropriate server) and add your forum name or Discord name in the note, or ask on Discord in the #wow-chat channel.

Casual Gaming and Chapter Information

For all games, regardless of platform. Share your btags, gamer IDs, game guides, and more. (Tabletop, PC, Xbox, PS4, Switch, Squad games, etc.)

Support and Feedback

A place to discuss any technical issues you are having with these forums, the website, Discord, or anything else with regards to Evolved Gaming. You can also ask other members for help with specific games, upgrading your computer hardware, or suggestions on how to improve the forums/website.