10/11/2019 Meeting Notes

  • Corey/Trekkie taking over leadership, Juno/@Jed#6293 stepping down (Thanks for all your help!! And leading us to greatness)

  • Currently looking for an XO and an RO, DM @Trekkie_zero#5430 if interested

  • Monthly FC meetings will be starting up. We will also be looking into a calendar system, but Fellowships should have that built in as well

  • Raiding is being looked at and revised

  • Event night apparently we want more

  • Eureka was asked for as was Pony/Mount farming, currently we only have PotD/HoH and Maps in

  • the event roster. Will look into adding more nights.

  • Current goal for the company is getting a larger house.

  • Currently at 19 million gil.

  • Recruitment join the novice network (80 in each roll and 1000 instances to be a mentor, novice just needs an invite) and linkshells and represent the FC, get the evolved name out there. Feel free to look and get people on your own.

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