2019 San Diego Comic-Con

Just got back from my first ever SDCC. I have a few thoughts and highlights to share, plus a few pictures.


  1. Incredibly well run with 150k-200k ppl in attendance, not including all the people attending the offsite events.
  2. SDCC Staff were phenomenal. Every single person I spoke with, including those at 5pm on Sunday were enthusiastic and positive. I think that also has a lot to say about the people in attendance not being total dickbags.
  3. SDCC Saturdays are no joke. I was not prepared for how much the number of ppl increased from Friday to Saturday. Hall H on Saturday will do that.
  4. The Garage and La Puerta were two food highlights. The Garage has $10 bottles of champagne w/ OJ–MIMOSAS ALL DAY!!–and La Puerta’s Happy Hour is epic
  5. Coming from the 100 degree heat of Texas, San Diego weather was a welcome relief.


  1. Hall H Day 1 was amazing. Terminator Dark Fate panel was better than I could have ever expected. The footage they showed was amazing–it’s possible this movie could make us forget about the 3 Terminator movies that came after T2
    1a. Immediately after Dark Fate, Conan O’Brien comes out to introduce Tom Cruise and we see the world premiere of Top Gun trailer, which I am sure you all have now seen.
  2. Met Tom King and Mitch Gerads, writer and artist for the recent Mister Miracle book. If you have not read it, just go do it. It’s crazy good and they both won Eisner’s on Friday for their work.
  3. Glad we decided to ditch the Friday morning line for Parks and Rec panel. We heard rumors that it was not going to include any of the major players. It did not. There were some pissed off people. People had been waiting in line for that panel for hours
  4. Bladerunner 2019 panel was fantastic. If you love Bladerunner, it was a must-see panel. While the main writer, Michael Green could not be there, he was answering questions via text.
  5. Marvel Comics panel was fantastic, and I am excited to see what Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman do w/ Absolute Carnage. Donny is an Austin guy, so I am a bit bias.
  6. We saw a live table read of the first episode of Rick and Morty Season 4. I do not watch the show, but it was incredibly entertaining to see the cast and showrunner work their craft.

Below is the SDCC Exclusive Mister Miracle Giclee by Mitch Gerads. I had to have it–there are only 25. Cherry on top, Tom King and Mitch were there to sign it.

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Thats sounds amazing … one day ill go to something like that