2nd Year Anniversary Notes

Evolved 2nd year Anniversary

Live Meeting Notes

Open Board Meeting Friday September 18th - Time 6pm PST

Opening Address to Community

Happy Birthday / Happy Anniversary to Evolved. We are so happy that all of you could make it and join us. With out all of our Members we could not have made this happen. We have a great evening in store for you all with lots of information and then some games after. So lets get right too it.

Board trivia icy breaker

We have a bunch of quick Trivia Ice Breakers for you all. We are going to ask the question in discord and we will need you to respond in the #open-board-chat. Using the following reactions.

  • Which board member has the most tattoos?
    • Grimmie - with approximately two half sleeves on each arm and 2 tattoos on their right leg.
  • Who on the Board is half Native American?
    • Cataclysm is Métis. Which is French Indian.
  • Which Board member was in a competitive high school show choir group?
    • Isilaura
  • Which Board Member received a bowling scholarship for college and has bowled a 300 perfect game?
    • Taevarth
  • Which Board member plays the flute?
    • Star, she learned to play the flute at the age of 12.

History of Evolved

Finding a good gaming community can be hard to discover. What can be equally frustrating is feeling “stuck” in a gaming community whose ideals no longer reflect your gaming needs. The Architects that founded Evolved (Borders, Cataclysm, DJHaighted, Grimmie, Isilaura, Origin, Soulquake, Skye, Taevarth, and Wedgebert) had been gaming together since roughly 2012 through another organization. We all wanted to stick together and create an organization that would always “evolve” to meet the needs of the players and their unique games.

n August of 2018, Evolved was conceived to provide a drama-free, family-oriented, and people-focused environment for mature gamers who wished to play online without the antics often found in open games. We believe that the person behind the keyboard is more important than the pixels on the screen and that everyone should have the opportunity to play without fear of being harassed, heckled, or abused.

“Accomplished Casual” will define us for years to come. Yet, as we grow, we’ve broadened our minds to accept that not all games in the modern MMO and gaming world lend themselves to totally casual gaming. Our community will survive because it evolves; it adapts to the ever-changing games around us. Our officers and members work extremely hard and devote long, personal hours to creating a home for the most casual of the casual and to those who are driven to accomplishment. Your gaming experience matters … and we are building this place for you.

View more of our history at https://evolvedgaming.org/history/
as well as our new year 2 history at < Year 2 History >

What we enjoyed most in 2020 (Board Edition)

Game hoping with in our community. I found going from game to game with in our community i got to meet and hang out with different amazing members from all over Evolved. Playing on the Alliance and Horde side in WoW. Had some great laughs and anger when playing CoD with all the boys. Had a great different experience trying out FFXIV where you only need one toon. Just an overall amazing time with all of our members.

When Cata stepped down and i finally got full control over of WoW Alliance. That OCD crazy Canadian. (Laugh). Running around in WoW with the members and officers doing dungeons, raids and even PvP. Also just relaxing shooting people in Overwatch with some of our casual gaming members. Be warned in Overwatch and PvP i tend to cuss more… hehehe

There really wasn’t any 1 thing about this year that sticks out in my mind. I had a ton of fun raiding with the Wow-A side, killing new bosses, and just having some crazy fun times. Definitely remember some of the M+s you crazy people dragged me into…a few Underrot runs come to mind specifically :stuck_out_tongue: I also had a blast doing some of the Evolved Community Game events this year, it was great hanging out and playing some games with people I don’t normally get the chance to do stuff with. And I can’t forget about some of the fun I’ve had with the FFXIV group. Of course most of them think I’ll never make it to max level, which may or may not be true.

5 1/2 months of paid vacation to game and do outdoorsy things and not getting Covid.

My favorite memory came from playing GTFO with Redmagi, Rummu, and Avasti. GTFO is a 4 person co-op game, one of the toughest I’ve every played. It takes a lot of concentration and co-operation. some levels can take up to 2 hours of continues play to beat. So that’s why my favorite night was when Rummu drank too much, Avasti stayed up way past his bed time and got sleepy drunk, I fueled both of their states by suggesting “bold tactics” and Red spent the entire night yelling “YOU FUCKING FOOLS”. not the usually “You Fools”, we got the rare Red Curse words tossed at us. We ended up beating a covert style level by Rummu screaming like a little girl and running in every room, while Avasti did not care about the friendly fire (which this games has). My abs hurt so hard my laughing all night.

What we’re most excited about for 2021

Looking forward to the potential new games that might be coming out. Meeting some new members while playing WoW Alliance or Horde, i just dont know what side im going to start with so stop asking me…lol. Assisting our Guilds, Chapters and Members through recruiting, learning Jedbot and discord / forum setups for what they need. Really hoping that i might get to meet everyone that might attend a potential get together. Making sure my job stays stable and i can survive another winter out side in -40c.

Getting out of 8.3 BFA! I know most of the expansion has been rough - but 8.3 has been the devil for me! Looking forward to Shadowlands - and hoping the experience playing alts is going to be the best out of any expansion. I’ll also be looking forward to hearing more fingers crossed about Overwatch 2 and Diablo 4. Need some new pew pew and some new hells to smash through.

No more BfA! In all seriousness, I am really looking forward to the new WoW expansion and am just really optimistic its going to be way better than BfA. I’m also looking forward to seeing what each of the guilds in Evolved does next year. Its amazing seeing how much they grow, new people joining, and what each of the groups is able to accomplish. And I am really hoping traveling gets to be less risky, a ton my our plans got shelved this year because of Covid and really am hoping to get to see more family and friends who live in a different state.

Buying a new house. Husband and I just moved to Montana and are currently renting. Our house in Denver, CO was just sold a couple weeks ago. So we are looking forward to buying up some land to play on ( camping, fishing, hunting, off roading, etc) and a decent sized house on it. For gaming, I just look forward to connecting to people online and making friendships. I also look forward to the potential of 2021 get together with y’all. If not- party at my new house (hopefully).

Traveling. I miss it so much. With my blood disorder, I have to be extra careful during these times, so air travel is a no go for me atm. For gaming, I hope to still be enjoying Shadowlands. The season 1 Glad mount looks amazing, I would like to buckle down and finally make the glad push, I’ve only ever been a duelist. Also maybe be high enough ranked in Valorant to queue with Jed and not be a disappointment.

Community and Guild / Chapter News (Taevarth)

Lets first off take the time to hear from our guilds from around out community. These guilds are our driving force that bring in the most amount of our membership. We thank our Guild Leadership and Officers for the hard work and dedication they put in to keep these guilds going in our community.


so next year looking forward to the closing out of the Shadowbringers expansion, though they have yet to announce the next expansion we should be expecting that here coming up in the next month or so

Recruiting we’ve added about 20 new people both from within and outside evolved

We restarted the raid team recently, we’re taking it slow but we’ve been making progress. Hoping to see it get expanded, currently its 1 team doing it 1 night, hoping we’ll get some more back up people and hopefully enough people to field 2 teams


It’s hard to believe that 2 years have passed since the Evolved community was created. This 2020 year has been a one heck of a year. With a major pandemic, wildfires, hurricanes and an upcoming U.S.A. presedential election it really has just been a blurry emotional roller coaster ride. Things in the WoW-A guild have been good. Since January, our WoW-A members have been going strong in Mythic Keystone runs, attempting to get slappy boy weapons from Raden, completeing those raid acheivements, and upsetting horde players in World PvP by ganking innocent Vulpera. While most of us are ready to move onto the next chapter of the Warcraft story, this is a good time to reflect on the good times we’ve had in patch 8.3.

The corruption system has led to some hilarious situations. Stacking that Twilight Devestation to murder massive NPC packs in dungeons and raids while running from our Things From Beyond will always make me chuckle. Building out a full Gushing Wounds or Infinite Stars just to take matters in your own hands in a PvP arena or battleground match was worth the satisfication of watching your oppenent get instantly wrecked.

The WoW-A guild has been making progress getting the Jaina mount from Mythic BoD and Nya’lotha AotC mounts. This is the first time that a mythic boss has had a 2 guaranteed drops and we have a lot of members interested in it. Hopefully, we can get everyone the mount before the release of Shadowlands.

As we move into the next chapter of WoW, I’m looking forward to moving to a new system that isn’t as tedious to farm. I’m also looking forward to see our raid groups develop into a more cohesive unit to bring down new raid boss challenges in Shadowlands. As the game evolves so must we as a group and I can’t wait to enjoy all the new systems and content with our guild.


Hey everyone! For those who don’t know me, I’m Sev, and I’m the Guild Leader for Evolved’s Horde guild on Area 52.

We have continued to see a lot of growth over 2020. For our newer friends who are used to seeing lots of folks on and full raids – that wasn’t always the case! Less than two years ago we had under 90 individual accounts in the guild, and pugged just to have enough to run our raids. With the release of 8.2 we finally had enough raiders to run just with guildies! By the time 8.3 rolled around, we had more people signed up than we had spots in the raid, and we were STILL growing! I mention all of the raiding for a reason. Because of all of this amazing growth for the Horde, we are making the jump to two raid teams for the first time as we head into Castle Nathria. This is a BIG step for the Horde, a new and fun challenge, and we’re super excited to get started. (For the Hordies here tonight, EVERYTHING will be explained in detail in our guild meeting here in a couple of weeks.) We’re up to 300 accounts in the guild, there are always folks on, our main raid continues to be nearly full every week, and our alt raid does too.

But 2020 has been great outside of raiding, too! We have a full and fabulous officer team for the first time in a long while, and that’s been amazing. (Quick shout out to the Horde officers – a big THANK YOU for all the work you do for our guild and community.) There has been the CUTEST uwu invasion and we welcome anyone who would like to join the Uwu Squad. We nabbed AOTC for Eternal Palace and Ny’alotha (BoD too, but that was last year) – and we’ll do it all again for Castle Nathria! And there is always something fun to look forward to as well. We’ve had lots of M+ hype growing which lead to the organization of M+ Mondays, and we see lots of them running through the week. Kyarel, our Events Officer, organizes things like the Evolved Lottery, achievement runs, old raids, and more! Keep an eye on the calendar, especially as we head into the new expansion where there will be lots more to do. If there’s anything you’d like to do or if you have fun-run style suggestions, get with Kyarel or any officer and we’ll see what we can get set up!

Shadowlands is the Horde’s first expansion launch as a guild, and we are SO EXCITED to be heading into it with all of you. We’re looking forward to lots of fun and laughs, and shiny new things to do.

Happy Birthday Evolved, and of course, FOR THE HORDE. <3

Community News

Evolved is ever changing and always growing. Lots of different things you might not see cause we are doing it on the back end. We are currently working on some different projects behind the scenes such as…

  • Making Jed Bot Better

    • Better layout
    • More descriptive
    • More user friendly
  • Changing our Website

    • Different template
    • New pictures / images
    • Different Layout
  • Changing How we do things

  • Evolved apparel is coming

    • Working on shirt designs
    • Sneak peak in open-board-meeting and these are not final

Always looking for members to come and assist in growing our community through many different areas. If your looking to help out and assist please seek out Star. She is our community guru who runs what is called the Community Guides. Also check out Ways you can assist Evolved! because we could always use any help we can get.


We would also like to thank at this time all of our Nitro Boosters. Wait a minute nope. Not right… Lets make a change. Nitro boosters will now be known as Booster Bae. These great members help keep our community discord server at level 2. This makes our Audio, Streaming and other things at a great quality. We have also made this title visible on discord because we feel you all deserve that. Thanks so much for what you do for this community.

Community Veterans

Once a year, members of the Board and Triumvirate will reach out to each individual guild and chapter leadership within Evolved. This will typically happen a month or two prior (July or August) to Evolved’s anniversary (September). Leadership will be contacted to make nominations of 3-5 members from their respective guild or chapters whom they think are worthy of Community Veteran rank.

Congratulations to our new Evolved Community Veterans. Through being active, always helping, Chit chating and being out standing members we congratulate the following members to Community Veterans

  • Austoria
  • Avasti
  • Didymus
  • Glimmer
  • Hipolove
  • Jedediah
  • Jin
  • Maevwinter
  • Medd
  • Sketchie
  • Tinsoldier

Casual Gaming News

From the PC to Console, From Electric to Pen and Paper, here in Evolved we are always looking for the next best thing. We try and bring new games to our community all the time. Cataclysm and Taevarth keep a close eye on this section and adapt as we see you all playing different games. We always ask that you do the following to assist us further. Every little bit helps when it comes to our casual gaming section

  • Game activity turned on

    • Lets us know what game your playing
  • Be in Discord

    • Visually shows us people are active
  • Say something

    • Post in Gaming-Chat what game your playing

Interested in creating a Chapter? Maybe even getting it to guild status? Well make sure you come chat with Cataclysm and Taevarth. Also check out the Casual Gaming and Chapter Information as well as read through the Evolved Casual Gaming and Chapter Creation Overview

2021 Get Together Update

With 2020 being one heck of a shitty year. We had to cancel our 2020 meetup and to think of the well being of our Members and there families. 2021 will be no different. We are looking at redoing our Get Together in the same place Orlando Florida. We still don’t know how everything is going to play out. So you will all have to bare with us as we plan and figure out if it will be safe for us to do so. We will have a new 2021-Get-Together discord set up and be keeping things updated moving forward.


With our 2nd year finding down for the meeting portion of this fun filled evening. We ask out to all of our members if they have and Questions. If you can’t make the meeting or you are shy and dont want to openly say something. Please whisper one of the Tri / Board and we will get you question answered and posted.

Close it with a big thank you to everyone!

Thanks to all of our great members. You all have made our community a great place to be. The laughing, crying and shenanigans that go on through voice and text channels really make the day the week and even the years to come.


Can stay in the channel if you want and just be social and hangout. Follow some of the other members and go see what they are doing. We have a few games and events going on through out the night so go mingle with the community. Read about how everything works at the Event Information

  • Cards Against Humanities Event
  • Jackbox
  • Trivia
  • Among Us
  • Fall Guys

Also Cataclysm has something new and crazy planed as well. Lets hear what he has to say.

Emoji Event

Once a year on our Evolved Anniversary we would like our Community to participate in an Emoji Event. Each Guild, Chapter and The Casual Gaming Section will get a new text channel in their category. This channel will be called “(Game Prefix)-emoji-event”. This is how it will all work.

  • 2 Weeks to create images for Emoji’s
    • Needs a Title and brief description.
    • One entry per member per category.
  • A voting poll will be created in each of the Guilds, Chapters and Casual Gaming forums
    • Voting will last 1-2 weeks.
    • Top 5 from each will be created with special tags

Note: Emoji’s need to be LARGE and SQUARE in order for it to work correctly.