3/17 Meeting Notes

For those that could not join the meeting, here are the notes.

Meeting topics:

  • Officer intros
    • Jed, Trekkie
  • About Evolved Gaming
    • Founded late 2018
    • Started as just a WoW guild, now expanded into several different games
    • Read the charter!!
    • Don’t feel limited- you joined for FFXIV, but you’re more than welcome to play any game Evolved has a presence in
  • Deep dive into the FFXIV FC
    • Read the charter!!
    • Engage on the forums
      • Hello and welcome post
    • Current ranking structure
    • Looking for RO
      • Any member welcome to fill this role
      • Responsibilities
    • CWLS
      • Trekkie has set this up for Evolved members not on Cactuar
    • Housing
      • No plots available on cactuar atm
      • Free server changes coming soon… may possibly open up plots
      • Server transfer thoughts?
      • Housing will be expensive. Any Gil donations are appreciated
    • Long and short term goals
      • Fill RO position
      • Continue growing and recruiting
      • FC events
        • ARR trials
        • POTD
        • Suggestions?
        • FC Treasure Hunts
        • Mass materia creation ( get lots of a gear set, get multiple people fate until its 100% spirit bound, boom materia)
      • Raid/trial groups
        • Coming soon!
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