4th Year History

This past year has been a wild one for all of us on the Board. Not going to beat around the bush, but sadly it feels as if we have had more lows than highs this past year. We have seen many people come and go, which is usually the normal for most gaming communities. But this past year hit us especially hard when we had 2 of our board members leave us. They may have parted ways from Evolved but we still wish them the best with whatever they are doing in the gaming world as well as IRL.

Not only did the departure of 2 board members hurt, but we also sadly had the Classic TBC and Horde Retail guilds leave us, with the Horde side stealing the guild itself. This was a huge blow to us and caused some major stress and tension for us all. We understand stuff like that is bound to happen within a larger community such as ours, but it still was rough to see so many friends and members go separate ways. Even though this was a hard pill to swallow, we did bounce back. We have attempted to learn from the past year as we look towards the future for this community we love.

We have seen some games come and go such as New World and Lost Ark. It was hard to see the rise and fall of these games and many of us wonder was it due to Amazon Gaming Studios? Both games were good but sadly really lacked the social side - which is important for a MMO to be able to grow beyond a solo-play game - so these did not work out for our community. We also had to move our FFXIV guild down to a casual game. Mostly, this was due to a lack of interest in the game within our community and not enough active members to sustain it. We also learned that we needed to be a little more flexible with how we handle our membership - leading us to open our Discord and discontinue requiring a forum sign-up. We wish our FFXIV players a happy journey in their endeavors. If ever someone wants to take on its rebuilding (or any other game) within our community, have a conversation with us and let’s get it going.

On the plus side, we gained some amazing new Board members. Glimmer, Jackburton, Raille and Medd all joined up and have strengthened us. They have helped us shape and form a new charter, new Discord philosophy, and have continued to bring some new brainstorming ideas to the table. We are very happy and honored to have them at the head of the ship, steering us in a new direction that will make our community stronger.

As mentioned previously, one of the biggest changes we made was how we recruited new members by not requiring them to register on the forums anymore. Now they just join our Discord and accept our terms to come and play with us. We have seen a slightly higher influx in recruitment since this change and we hope it continues to grow our community.

The Horde guild has also been on a journey to rebuild, and it’s been great with the addition of the Cross Faction in WoW. This has brought in new members to our community as well as current or returning ones trying out the opposite faction. Our members, regardless of faction, can chat with each other via the Cross Faction Community, run M+, join in for the M+ mingle night, attend progression raids, and join in for Open Raids on Sundays. It is truly amazing to see our members not as Horde vs Alliance, but as Evolved members playing World of Warcraft together.

All in all, the past year felt pretty crappy. But we understand not every year is going to be picture perfect. We do know that we have kept the lights on through the troubles, and we are still going to keep pressing forward building our community up. New games are on the horizon and we’re sure within our community, we have the right people with the potential to lead something in the future.

Remember we are a T.E.A.M which means…

T - Together
E - Everyone
A - Achieves
M - More

Thanks for 4 years of great fun everyone and we hope to have many more years of fun and adventures in front of us. From the Tri/Board, we thank you and wish you the best in-game and IRL.