5/26 Meeting Notes

  • Welcome new players!
    • Our first meeting had 6 attendees. We’re over 30 members now!
  • If you are not in our CWLS, let an officer know and we’ll get you in.
    • As Cactuar is currently congested, it’s nearly impossible to transfer/create new characters. If you have friends who want to join us, I suggest having them start on Siren (preferred world within Aether) and get them into the CWLS so they can play with us and communicate. Have them sign up on the forums as well before joining the CWLS :slight_smile:
  • Please update FC short names to your forum username
  • Maintaining our house
    • Company workshop
      • Everyone can contribute to this to help us on crafting projects. Ask one of the crafters (new rank) how you can help.
    • Personal rooms
      • Everyone can open their own personal room for 300k gil. Fully decoratable! Just open it up to the public so Jed can stalk…pls :frowning: I just like looking at rooms :frowning:
    • What ranks can do what?
      • For now we’re still figuring out proper ranks beyond member/recruit. We have “Crafter” for members who will be able to tend to the crops and start crafting projects in the workshop. Stay tuned for additional roles.
  • Shadowbringers early access begins in a month!
    • In the next few weeks we’ll be starting planning for next xpac, stay tuned to discord and forums
  • Events!
    • We want to start doing weekly events. We need to know when everyone is available and what everyone wants to do. PvP? PotD? Hunts? Roulettes? Looking for feedback on this one.
      • Some suggestions from the meeting: Nostalgia raids, mount runs
  • Shadowbringers raiding
    • We will be starting raid team(s) for the coming xpac.
    • A signup form is provided in discord and forums. Please submit this if interested in raiding with us.
    • We will be looking for raid leaders. If you have experience with ffxiv raiding reach out and we can discuss this.
  • Additional officers
    • As we continue to grow we will have a need for additional officers. As it is now Trekkie and Jed work the same hours so during that 8 hour window only one officer is potentially online. We will want to promote someone who is active during the day on weekdays.
    • We’ll reach out to some people in the next few days. Feel free to reach out to us as well if you think you’d be a good fit and want the extra responsibility.
  • Questions and feedback?
    • Are we putting a team together for current 8man content (alphascape,delta,etc)
      • No, unfortunately we don’t have the numbers to do this right now. But we’ll be looking to do current content once ShB launches.
    • Everyone shame Weeman for doing IRL stuff instead of meeting with us…smh…
    • Also Tae and Cata were no shows…smh

I’m sorry I was not there… I work to buy you nice things

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Hello I saw you were making a raid group and I am currently looking for one, I am pretty much a free agent for raiding since my raid group of 3 years disbanded after clearing several weeks of Final Omega due to people losing interest in the game.

Been looking for a new ff14 raid group for the past couple months. I am finding everyone wants high percentile logs and my old group never ran optimization or parse runs so its really hard to find a new one. I am pretty sure I could get a high parse if I was actually in a parse group. I only play tank (Paladin) and I was always more focused on tank mechanics and clearing the bosses rather than getting a high tank dps parse which seems to be the only thing people in this game care about as a tank.

But I have a few questions, What kind of raid group are you making, Casual, midcore, semi hardcore, or hardcore? Is it just savage or savage and ultimates? And what are the raid times? And what jobs are you currently recruiting for?

I would be looking for something between midcore to shc, with around an average of 8 weeks or sooner to full clear. Will be playing FF14 a lot once the expansion is out. But I guess the most important factor is what time it is going to be at, I pretty much only can raid late Pacific time due to my work entering a busy season.

Hey Azuremi! We’re still working out all the details so I can’t give you a 100% answer to your questions, but what I will say is I’m gonna do my best to put like-minded players together. What I mean by that is my goal is to have at least 2 teams with independent goals (one casual - midcore / one shc - hardcore) similar to how we did it for WoW-A.

I have no prior raid experience in FF14 so I’m not sure exactly what content we’ll be clearing and at what pace. My goal is to fill raid leader positions to help me put all this together.

Raid start times will likely be ~6/7pm PT as most people who have expressed interest have put that down as their preferred time. Nothing is set in stone yet but we’ll be cementing this as we get closer to expansion release.

Let me know if you have additional questions!

Ok thanks.