6/23/21 9.1 Guild Meeting Notes

Chains of Domination Guild Meeting 6/23

Opening the meeting

Thank you for taking the time to be here! We’ll try to get through it all in a reasonable amount of time!

There will be notes posted to the forums after the meeting. One quick note: we will have a Q&A section at the very end. So if you have questions already, or if you think of any in the course of the meeting, PLEASE jot them down and hold on to them for the Q&A.

If you aren’t comfortable asking your question during the meeting, you can always reach out to an officer on the side. Remember, someone else might be wondering the same thing, so ask away!

For all of our new friends, WELCOME to the guild! And to those of you who have stuck it out with us for a while thank you for being here.

With 9.1 coming up a lot is going to change! We are going to be seeing an influx of members into the guild as we always do for major content patches or expansions, when new members come in, have some fun in welcoming them into our community!

9.1 patch will introduce the “Chains of Domination” content , and is currently on PTR. There will be new models, mounts, lore reveals, raid bosses, flying and much more.

Season One Ending:

Season One of Shadowlands is finally coming to an end! Get your KSM, PvP achievements, or whatever you need completed before June 29th at 1am realm time.

Recruitment- Foof

Recruitment has been holding steady and we were able to maintain two raid teams for basically the entirety of the tier. Thank you to everyone who has helped in any way, and thank you Evolved for making the new players feel so welcome. Welcome to everyone new to the guild, we hope you enjoy being here as much as we love having you!

With 9.1 coming shortly, we are fully expecting another big surge of new Evolved blood to join us in exploring, and conquering, all the new content. Let’s all do our best to welcome any new folks, help them integrate into the community, and improve as players (if that’s what they are looking to do).

Recruitment is really an entire community effort. Everyone can help show interested individuals how to register on the website and discord, get them in touch with officers, and tell your friends how super cool we are. We also have recruitment posts on reddit and WoW recruitment and Area 52 forums that everyone can help upvote and bump with whimsical stories of Evolved (links below). There’s also tons of folks posting on the guild recruitment forums looking for a guild so if you happen to pop in there and see someone who’s gaming goals align with what we do then feel free to link them up with one of our recruitment posts or website information.


And if you’re extremely dedicated to helping the community grow and welcoming new players, you can join our Community Guides! This is the group of players who help to make sure that new members learn how our community works, answers questions, and works to organize fun community-wide events to help people from the multiple guilds have fun together. If you liked our jackbox and trivia nights, or enjoy Discord’s Cards against Humanity bot, and want to see more of these events, consider lending the Community Guides a hand.

One final point of emphasis that we’ve touched on a little bit…”recruitment” happens not just for prospective players but also once they are part of the guild and community. It’s really great when members really embrace the team spirit and help folks out when needed, this is really the key component in keeping our guild and community full up on awesomeness.

Torghast & Legendaries: Eskey

New Legendary Abilities:

  • Every class has received new covenant-specific legendary powers.
  • Some legendaries have been tuned. Check your class discords/class help pages for more information on BiS items.

Ranks 5 and Rank 6 Legendaries:

  • To upgrade your legendaries to a rank 5 or rank 6 piece (ilvl 250 and 260 respectively), you will need the resource Soul Cinders. You get Soul cinders from clearing new levels of Torghast.
  • Ranks 4 and lower will still require Soul Ash for their upgrade systems.


  • There are many new changes to Torghast, but the most important thing to note is there will be new levels up to level 12.
  • You receive 50% MORE soul ash on your first Torghast run.
  • You receive a “reduced” amount of soul ash on subsequent weekly runs.
  • Death counter will be removed (due to us removing the Terragrue)
  • Advancing levels will be based off of a point system rather than completion.
  • Point system uses a “balance of killing stuff fast, exploring, and not dying” to create your overall rating.
  • There is a Torghast talent tree.

Sanctum of Domination - Tarc, and Helanar

The new raid instance, Sanctum of Domination, can be found in the Maw. It is in a new area north of the Beastwarrens.

Raid Schedule

Normal and heroic will be released on July 6th. LFR wings will be released weekly starting July 13th. We will not be raiding in the week between patch drop and raid release, so use that time to work on all other new content!

We will begin Normal difficulty on Wednesday July 7th - there will be no open raid during normal progression. We anticipate heroic raiding will begin July 21st with open raid beginning the following Sunday July 25th. These dates are subject to change if we are struggling with any bosses, or need more time for any other reason.

Loot Drops

Normal raid drops 226 / 233 (final 2 bosses), Heroic drops 239 / 246 (final 2 bosses).

There are some fun items in this raid, including a legendary bow for hunters, a dagger for rogues, and a few other weapons with special effects. There’s a chance for a mount drop, and a few battle pets too!

There are also new pieces of Domination Gear which can be upgraded and socketed with shards from the raid. These will enhance your character while in the Maw, Torghast, or the Sanctum of Domination.

9.1 Raid Requirements

For normal, you are required to have 213+ ilvl AND a 235 legendary piece. For heroic, you will need a 226+ ilvl, a 235 legendary piece, and 10/10N.

Have a look at the domination gear for your class, as there will be specific pieces depending on cloth, leather, etc. Since your legendary is also specific to certain gear pieces, you want to avoid overlap (ie. domination and legendary both in your helm).

9.1 Raid Sign Ups

Following the end of the meeting, we will begin the raid sign up process for 9.1. All current raiders in-game ranks will be removed and set back to member.

Raid Sign-ups will open TOMORROW Thurs 6/24, and CLOSE on FRIDAY 7/2 for organizational purposes . If the raid groups aren’t full (30+) we may open them back up to fill the raid teams.

Raid groups will be posted July 6th for members to see. Wowaudit will require you to connect your Battle.net account to the system in order to view rosters. Raider rank will be reinstated on July 6th.

9.1 Raid Attendance Tracking

  • Attendance tracking remains posting in the Discord channel #WoW-H-Raid-Sign-Up-And-Absence.

Eskey (New raid times/Removal rules)

Added New Raid Rules

Biggest Changes: RAID TIMES

“Main raids are Wed/Thur from 8:30 - 11pm server time (Eastern). Wed/Thur are Heroic/Progression.

Open/alt raid is Sunday from 8:30 - 11pm server time (Eastern)

Updated Raid Rules

  • We have updated the Raid Rules page on the forums. Take a look at it.
  • Main swaps are now allowed to happen 4 weeks apart. Players are still only allowed one swap per tier until farm status has been declared by the raid leaders.
  • The first 30 minutes of each raid (usually going to be the easier bosses) the guild will drop feasts, and cauldrons will be provided at the 9pm hour and 10pm hour marks
  • We will still be taking a 5 minute break at 9:30
  • If you are missing anything at 8:25, you will be removed until you have completed necessary requirements.
  • Removal for performance. If you are not performing during the raid, you will be removed from the raid. This can range from a night-by-night basis to a permanent removal depending on the severity of the reasoning. Removal applies to ALL ROLES. `

Removal for performance is a way to ensure that the majority of the raiders can spend their time efficiently, accomplish their goals and keep the raid teams stable. Every raider each week will be given the opportunity to show improvement. Folks that come prepared to raid, and progress will never have to worry about being removed.

The qualification for removal may be that a person is doing less damage than tanks, or have much lower damage than other raiders, or aren’t performing well against other people with the same item level on warcraftlogs, this is all up to the Raid Leaders/Raid Assists to decide.

It may also be that a person(s) are dying repeatedly to avoidable damage, or not following instructions given from the raid leader.

Removal for performance applies to healers, damage dealers, and tanks so remember to come prepared.

If a removal needs to take place, the person removed will be able to re-apply after two weeks, and are highly recommended to come to open raids.

Dungeon- H00rayforstuff


Gear will work the same in season two as it did in season one. The only difference will be that the ilvl drops from dungeons and the vault will be increased to keep track with the current ilvl scaling of end game content. This includes not only the end of dungeon drops and vault drops for mythic plus, but drops from normal, heroic, and mythic 0 dungeons.

New Scoring System:

Blizzard is adding a new mythic plus scoring system, similar to raider.io scores. Unlike in previous seasons, seasonal achievements such as Keystone Conqueror and Keystone Master are now based on scores rather than completing keys in time. Tyrannical and fortified weeks award different scores. KSM achievement score is equivalent to completing all dungeons at 15 in time on both tyrannical and fortified weeks, but you may also earn the score by doing a combination of higher fortified and lower tyrannical.

New Affix:

New Affix is called Tormented. How it works: four lieutenants in each dungeon at fixed locations (not percentage based). Defeating the lieutenants rewards players with a choice of three anima powers. These powers are consistent for each respective lieutenant (ie you get the same powers from the same lieutenant each run), and the player role (tanks get tank powers, healer get healer powers). Each lieutenant applies an aura to the party while fighting. These auras include:

  • Reduced Movement Speed
  • Reduced Healing Done
  • Increased Physical Damage Taken
  • Damage Over Time

If a lieutenant is not defeated during the course of a run, the lieutenant’s respective aura is applied during the final boss of the dungeon.

These lieutenants have true sight and do not reset health after a wipe.

New Megadungeon:

9.1 will introduce the megadungeon Tazavesh: the Veiled Market.This is a 5 player, 8 boss dungeon, similar to previous megadungeons. Tazavesh is runnable at mythic level only, and drops 226 ilvl gear.

Tazavesh also includes a hard mode, which features additional boss mechanics and award ilvl 233 gear. At time of writing it is unclear how to activate hard mode.

Changes to Mythic Monday:

We recently changed the focus of Mythic Monday to help get people their achievements for valor upgrades. Presumably this system will still be in place in season 2. As such, we’re going to keep the focus of mythic monday on helping members earn their seasonal achievements. As mentioned before this could change depending on the need and interest of the community.

Player v Player: DamonTurok

This season we will be having more “open world” based events rather than structured combat based events since these were more enjoyable overall for our general guild base.

Events will still be Every other Saturday night at 8:30 pm server time.

I (Damon) will also be running a “Market” night for the new Mega Dungeon along with H00rayforstuff. We will be alternating weeks running Mythic mondays and Tazavesh Tusedays to help us stay fresh and interact with all the members interested in these events! Both events will run every week but we will be taking turns running each other’s events.

Master of Coin- Dimbrews

Though interest in the lottery has waned over the last few weeks, for the majority of the patch it has been a huge success. I’d like to continue to build on that while making a few changes. The lottery structure going forward will be as follows:

  1. The weekly lottery will take place at 8:00pm server time every Thursday. In order to be eligible for the weekly lottery roll, entries must be received no later than 7:59pm each Thursday.

  2. Each lottery entry will be 5k gold. Total entries will be limited to 5 per guild member with a notable exception below.

  3. Each week, if you have submitted 5 total entries for the weekly lottery roll, you are permitted to place 1 additional entry that goes towards the final lottery each month. This entry will give you 1 additional chance at winning that final drawing. For the final monthly lottery, if you have made at least 1 additional entry in any of the preceding weeks, you are permitted to place 2 additional entries for the final drawing.

  4. Every week, with the exception of the final monthly lottery, the gold pool will be distributed as follows: 30% to one winner, 40% to a second winner, 15% to the guild, and 15% towards the final lottery each month.

  5. Every week, including the final monthly lottery, there will be a chance for a bonus pet and a bonus mount. If the roll lands on a bonus, the subsequent winner will be awarded their respective gold pool as well as their bonus. They will be given the choice of one award from a pool of no less than two pets and two mounts.

  6. In order for a weekly lottery to take place, the total gold pool must be at least 100k, not including any bonus entries going towards the final monthly lottery. If we do not meet the 100k minimum, all entries will be refunded with the exception of the bonus entries which will be applied to the final monthly lottery. A lottery roll will still take place, with a single winner given the choice of one award from a pool of no less than two pets and two mounts. The refunded entries will be used to determine your chance of winning the award.

  7. The gold pool for the final monthly lottery will consist of all bonus entries in the preceding weeks, the 15% carry over from each of the preceding weeks, and the total amount of entries for the final week.

  8. The final monthly lottery awards will be distributed as follows: 35% to one winner, 50% to a second winner, a choice of either a pet or mount for a third winner, and 15% to the guild.

  9. Gold bonuses are no longer going to be a part of the weekly lottery.

Q&A! (Open to Guild)

(here. We. go.) I read this as Heath Ledger

Q: Are torghast fridays coming back?

A: Yes - one officer should lead

Q: Will there be an achievement run for raid mount?

A: Yes - we did for Nathria, will focus after AoTC

Q: When is sign-up for raids?

A: Beginning tomorrow (6/24) - post in the discord channel to sign up; rosters will be pinned

Q: Did I miss the entire meeting?

A: Yes

Q: What are the raid team names going to be?


Q: If I don’t have DPS/healer/tank spec (as required for raid comp), how do I sign up?

A: Refer to raid rules - if you only have a tank spec and group is full for tanks, you must have another spec you can switch to

Q: Do we need to have a max level legendary for all specs?

A: Max level not required - 235 for N and H

Q: What is new max legendary level?
A: 260 I think

Q: How much soul ash is dropped from torghast?
A: “like rain” - you can re-run wings, PTR currently has no weekly cap

Q: How long will it take to upgrade to max level legendary?
A: Estimating just a few weeks

Q: What happens if people want to be on the same team? (ie friends/family?)

A: We try to group them together - just mention in the sign up if you have friends or family you want to play with. We will make the teams to best accommodate requests.

Q: Procedure for sitting people for performance? Is there a way they will be tracked so that more infractions result in longer removals from the roster? [phrasing by Tarc]

A: At the discretion of officers and leadership, but will be given many opportunities to improve

Q: What if you miss a night? Is there penalty?

A: No penalty for missing raid. Real life > game. No attendance policy!

Q: Will there be a cliffnotes provided for raid bosses? Should we watch videos to prepare?

A: There will be videos - it helps to come prepared!

Q: 235 legendary - raid specific? Single target vs aoe?

A: Up to you, but raid rules include personal responsibility. Be prepared to do the most damage that you can, won’t necessarily be enforced but may come up if you are not performing.

Q: Do all legendaries need to be 235?

A: If you are not prepared as per raid rules, you will be removed until you meet requirements. You may need to work on upgrading a legendary while wearing your old one to maintain the requirements.

Q: Competitive among us???

A: Let’s go

Q: If you have 3 specs, 3 leggos, and 3 fights, do you need 235 for all of those legendaries?

A: ¯_(ツ)_/¯ I mean yeah I guess