6/25 Guild Meeting Notes

Intro: Welcome guildies and hype 9.1.

(Isilaura) Hey all - if you’re new here for patch 9.1, I’m Isi, your Guild Leader. Make sure to come to me if Raille is being a hooligan. I hope everyone is excited for the 9.1 launch next week and new content coming in the following week! And all of that is exciting but what I’m most excited about is being a bird again. Second week of 9.1 that’ll be my priority; Renown 44 here I come!

We’re not going too far into the nitty gritty of 9.1 in this meeting - so if you’re looking for patch update information - Wowhead or whatever your preferred WoW news site is, is the place to visit :slight_smile:

Reminder that we clean out the guild roster when a toon is afk for 3 months - if you come back and you’ve been kicked, just whisper and officer or use the in-game guild finder (include your forum name) and apply there.

Alright, on to the meeting - we’re gonna try to keep it short and sweet tonight, but if you have any questions, hold them until the Q&A section at the end. Here we go!

9.1 Updates

(Star): Recruitment stuff - Please try and occasionally check out the Evolved recruitment posts on both the Proudmoore forums as well as the WoW General forums. The links to both are in the WoW-A announcement section of Discord. It’s a huge help to have our members bump the posts occasionally and to write little things about a fun raid experience, what you like about being in Evolved, crazy dungeon runs, or just whatever! And of course, feel free to recommend us to your family/friends that play WoW or even just people you ran a pug with that could use a great guild like ours! And finally, if you are a Reddit user, keep an eye out for when I link our Reddit recruitment posts and help upvote them!

Raille: We will be opening signups for 9.1 after the meeting and will be closing them on 7/1/2021. If you are currently on a raid team and plan to keep your main you have nothing to do. If you want to declare a new main, coming back from a hiatus, or are new to Evolved you will need to signup per the pinned instructions. We will update the rosters over the holiday weekend and will announce new raid teams. At this time we do not know how many raid teams there will be.

Bank Section:

(Arexan) Our Guild bank always needs more materials. Donations of food and flasks are appreciated. We ask raiders to donate one flask each night they raid which allows us to keep making cauldrons for the entire raid night.

We also have a program that allows members to buy almost any material out of the guild bank at 70% market value for personal use. This excludes food and flask materials though. We just ask that you ask within reason. Don’t try to make a profit off of it by turning around and selling materials. We’re all part of the Evolved Family, and we’re here to help each other not to extort and take advantage of each other.

Evolved Lotto!!! Give me money! Money me Want. GO!!

Raid Section: Roster Changes, Main Declarations, Raid Requirements, Consumable Needs

(Drinky) Rules and Etiquette: With being back to progression we will be back to enforcing consumables which includes armor kits, enchants, gems, health pots, and dps pots etc. We’ve grown pretty lax since we’re obviously out geared the content to the teeth but we’ll be getting back in to some new content and this will help us through.

Since this is new progression content please try and be as early as possible to raid as we do start invites 15 minutes prior. Our goal has always been to PULL at raid start and not to kill 15 minutes discussing the strats. Also if you are going to miss or be late, please let us know ahead of time. If you are running late please don’t expect the raid to wait on you or to get a summon. Same goes for if you are missing enchants etc. We typically keep an eye on this while the raid is forming but please try and respect people’s time and come prepared. We totally get it that you get that fancy new piece out of the vault and forgot the enchant… I’ve been there a ton, but just wear the old one or ask if someone has an enchant.

As with previous tiers with progression raiding if you are asked to sit by your RL/RA this DOES NOT mean you are off the team etc. Use it as time to go over wow analyzer etc or watch a stream of the raid etc to try and see how others handle mechanics etc. The officer core is always here for you to go over fights and mechanics and even core class mechanics as well.

(Medd)Open Raid: Our last open raid in Castle Nathria will be this Sunday. We are going to take a short 2 week brake before looking at SoD. Unfortunately we won’t be able to support moving into SoD immediately as soon as it opens on 7/6. We really need a core group with gear and knowledge of boss fights before we can do that. Game plan is no open for 7/4 & 7/11. Then on 7/18 we will start with LFR. Once the teams have SoD cleared on normal, we will start running normal on open as well. I really don’t expect that to take too long.

(Allieya) Raid Resources: Use your raid resources. Written guides such as Wowhead, Mythic Trap, Limit are great resources. Questionably Epic provides 1 page cheat sheet references that are great to look at quickly. For videos we typically recommend referencing Limit, Ready Check Pull, or Hazelnutty. Keep in mind that raid leads review multiple sources and will most likely not replicate a strat exactly as shown in a single video. - Use me as first point of contact for raid help if you’re looking for raid help. Any of the officers are willing to help, if you’re more comfortable talking to someone else, do it. But I wanted to offer up myself as a main point of contact in case you’re not sure where to go or who to talk to. I am really looking forward to helping people out.

(Staletela) Hi everyone I’m Stale. Another of our RA’s here - I’ll be making sure you have our required addons, enchants, gems, etc.

Also, insert Blizzard joke.

Events Section:

(Aust) Achievement Runs: Thanks all for attending the Achievement Runs! With the launch of 9.1 we will be switching our achievement run day to Wednesday and rotating every other week starting in August. Current events will be on hold until this time. Please come to me with ideas for large scale events and @ me if you need help with Achievements or Transmog Runs

(Helzer) Mythic + Section: Shout out to those who helped people with KSM, Upcoming mingles will include Mega dungeon nights as well as our standard mingle. Watch the calendar and Discord for updates.

Questions: Member questions
(Here Isi will attempt to summarize some of our member questions from memory…)

  • What is done behind the scenes to balance the raid teams, what is our mindset? We balance based on roles available, player experience, mechanical strength, dps/hps strength, etc. Nothing is hard and fast and we attempt to think of what balances we make from all angles. It’s definitely not pulling names out of a hat, other RNG, or arbitrary moves.

  • What are we doing to reduce the amount of chaos we experienced in Shadowlands launch for raiding? - 1st tier of an xpac is always tough, but was exacerbated by having 4 raid teams to balance, up from 2. We will attempt to not have as many rebalances, or at least have a “rest” period between each rebalance, we will track how many times a person has been moved around to try to not create individual chaos/disruption, as well as attempt to line up some of our raid strats as the fights allow (but RL is allowed to make changes as needed to make a strat stronger for what a team requires). Our goal is always going to be equal progression for each raid team, if one is struggling, then we are all struggling. There is no “us vs. them” mentality here.

  • Can we request to be on the same team as another person? You can request it, but we only promise it for spouses. We’ll do our best.

  • Do main swaps reset with the new tier? Yes, and they are set back to 1 swap per tier - so use it wisely.

Closing: Remember - your officers are here for you as resources; we’re here to help. Raid sign-ups are now open and will close on 7/2/21 to allow for raid setup. Potential Raider Meeting on 7/5 - details to be announced. Thanks everyone!


I’m sure this is answered elsewhere, but what is the gear requirement for week one SoD normal? Can we sign up for a raid team without meeting the gear requirement and sit until we do or should we wait to sign up once we reach the ilvl?