7/3 - 9.1 Raider Meeting Notes

Here are my summarization of the meeting yesterday. I didn’t write down everything (okay, anything) so if your question is not posted here, please message me and I will add it. This was all off of memory so there may have been something missed.

Raid Team Names:

If you have an idea for one of the raid team names, drop an @Helanar (WoW-H) (RL) or @Tarctan (WoW-H) (RL) in #wow-h-raid-chat with your name suggestion. A poll will be created and then voted on.


A couple questions that were asked that aren’t strictly covered in the raid rules guidelines:

  1. If someone wants to use a different spec than what they signed up for (example, Affliction vs Demology for locks, or Marksmanship to Survival for Hunters) does this need to be approved by the raid leadership?

A: There are two scenarios that come into play: a. In the case of the lock, the spec is going from one ranged DPS spec to another ranged DPS spec. So as long as that spec meets minimum requirements (235 viable leggo for that spec of some kind), then go for it. b. In the case of the Marksman hunter going Survival, that is a “role change” in that they are going from a Ranged DPS to Melee DPS. This could affect Raid Comps so this would need to be run by raid leaders/raid assists for approval.

  1. Will Eskey be made to give up his legendary Sylvanas Bow to someone?

A: No, personal loot is personal loot. No one is under any obligation to give up an item they loot for any circumstance unless they choose to do so.

  1. If we don’t meet the 226 ilevel requirement for heroic when the guild makes the transition from normal to heroic, what happens? Will I be left out?

A: Historically there hasn’t been a “hard” ilevel cutoff when the transition from Normal to Heroic happens. When the guild leadership decides it’s time to begin Heroic progression, there will most likely be a “soft” cap at the beginning for those making the transition to Normal. New raiders will be expected to be at the ilevel cap. This grace period will be for a week or two (we understand life happens and RNG gods may hate you). If for some reason the ilevel becomes a hindrance to progression you may be asked to sit for a boss as per the raid removal guidelines in the raid rules.

  1. What is the timeline when we go from Normal to Heroic?

A: Our main goal is to clear Normal before progressing to Heroic. Our initial plans are 2-3 weeks of Normal raids and then working into Heroic.

The timeline on this may fluctuate depending on how big of a pain Sylvanas decides to be. If we are struggling with Sylvanas we may go in for the first few bosses in Heroic for the additional gear, and then go back and clear her on Normal for the completion.

  1. Are there any incentives for the raid team that finishes AotC first (i.e., competition between the raid teams)?

A: The goal of EG is to keep the community atmosphere. As such, we try to keep the teams balanced as much as possible. This means that say a group gets 2-3 bosses ahead and the other team is struggling, we may ask some people to swap teams to help balance things out. We’re not fostering an A Team and a B Team atmosphere. We have the raid groups split only because so many awesome people wanted to take part. Ideally each team would kill Sylvanas within a minute of each other.

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