7/5 Raider Meeting Notes

Good evening, as we have announced rosters were posted for our raid teams going into tomorrow. We are expecting raiders to be somewhat familiar with the first 5 bosses at least and have posted multiple resources that are pinned in the raid channel. We also wanted to take this moment to formally announce Varneth and Arexan as the new Raid Leader and Raid Assist combo. As a reminder, we wanted to touch on a few raid rules and policies going in for all our new and returning raiders.

  1. Come prepared - To maintain cauldrons, raiders need to be ready to donate one flask at the start of the raid. Feasts will be provided, but have personal food on hand for the odd moments when you need a food buff and we aren’t dropping a feast. Oil up, armor kit up, these are buffs people may forget as they are new this expansion, but we expect to use them. Potions need to be used, we’ve been lax on this but everybody should be potting at least once on a boss fight, and if you know the timings well you can often use 2 on the longer fights. This also goes for healing potions. The more self healing you can do, the easier it is on healers and less likely that we wipe. Lastly come enchanted and gemmed. We don’t care if you just got home and got an awesome upgrade in the vault. If it’s not raid ready you can wait to use it after the raid that week. If any of the above is missing it’s within the rights of the raid leader to remove you from the raid until you have the supplies to be raid ready. We will always take you back once you are prepared.

  2. Be punctual, invites go out about 15 minutes prior to raid and the intent is to pull the boss at 6 server. For 9.1 this means we will likely be pre-clearing trash as we form up. I know some of you have commitments that make last minute logging in a thing, please make sure your RL is aware of that so we can adapt if one team is short a key role early on.

  3. Be a team player, you may be asked to do a mechanic that’s a dps loss or play your offspec when we have too many or too few tanks or healers. Part of this is being ready to do what’s needed for the team to progress.

  4. Be open to advice. We strongly encourage people struggling to reach out to Aliieya to help improve and he can either one on one or help hook you up with a strong source for your class/role. If a player is constantly dying or having a hard time with their rotation we want to help so we can all make it to the end of the fight. Nobody likes staring at the boss fight from their corpse.

  5. Being sat. Related to taking advice, we may need to sit people during progression. This can happen for a variety of reasons. We might not have enough healers one night and need to shrink the raid to a manageable size. Often when we sit it could be for a variety of reasons, low dps, low survivability, failure to perform mechanics, or maybe you are just having an off night or volunteered to sit. We understand that the only way to get better is to have face time on the bosses, but at a certain point we have to think of what’s fair to the team as a whole. If you are sat you can/will be re-invited after the boss is down. Every raider will get to kill each boss, but sometimes we struggle getting that first kill.

  6. Lastly there are a few people shy of the 211 Ilvl requirement. You won’t be able to raid if you have not hit this by raid time. There are crafted BoEs with an 230 ilvl that may help some of you hit that mark quickly. Apparently you can only pick one so choose your weakest slot or at least your most efficient use of the purchase slot.


Raid directions to new zone, leave early. There is a summoning stone, but don’t count on it.

Enchants/gems are required even if you get a new upgrade to be consistent for all. RL’s will likely grant opportunities to upgrade, but if you are unable to, be prepared to use the old item.

Weakauras will be posted that are recommended, more will come. These were posted and pinned during the meeting.

ERT is still used. it is now Method Raid Tools, but no changes it will update to Method when you update ERT and should aleady have happened.

Double check rosters make sure you know which team you are on.

Most importantly, think of raid team names to recommend for Tuesday.