8.2 Mythic EP Raiding Requirements

As we get closer to January 22nd, I thought it would be a good idea to post the requirements for the Mythic progression team. A lot of these shouldn’t come as a surprise and if they do, you should carefully think about your decision to join the mythic raiding team. I want this team to succeed but I also don’t want it to feel super grindy. I believe everyone on this team should have a high end progression mentality however I would like a laid back/casual feel to it.

As of right now, we will keep Tuesday as our Heroic/goof off night and Friday/Saturday nights for serious Mythic progression. I think 6 hours a week is reasonable and not over demanding for Mythic progression but this can be subject to change. I understand that it can and will get frustrating to wipe for multiple hours but we will take breaks to refresh and rejuv our spirits.

Here are the requirements for Mythic raiding going into Battle for Dazal’Alor.

  1. An Azerite level appropriate to unlock a minimum of the first 2 rings on your gear (this includes new gear that you will acquire week 1 of the new raid).
  2. Highest stat enchants available.
  3. Highest stat consumables available.
  4. The ability to learn and work as a team in all aspects of raiding, including but not limited to the proper execution of mechanics, gearing strategies, listening to strategies as directed by the Raid Lead/Raid Assist, and learning from mistakes.
  5. A 70% average parse based on current item level. (Some exception may apply depending on the nature of the fight and strategy used to kill the boss).
  6. A high attendance (85-90%).
  7. Alts - Team members will not be required to have multiple toons. If a player does choose have 2 equally geared/performing toons there will not be any issues to sub one for the other depending on the boss fight. However, mains will be preferred over alts especially when/if we have members sitting on the bench to make compositions. Example, 2 team members are equally geared/performing but 1 member is on an alt. The main will have priority.

I want this to be a positive and fun adventure so if you have questions concerning the Mythic raiding team, please bring them to either myself or Supernaut.

As we go into the new raid, Grumps will begin progression in Heroic and hopefully start into Mythic early February. Please note this raid team will be progression. If cuts need to be made we will look at DPS, Item level, and attendance. We will also find ways to get you upgrades outside of raid time. I am looking forward to the new raid tier!

For days that we are working on Mythic progression, members on the roster but not in the raid are more than welcome to join the other group. Just know that you may be asked to be subbed into our progression fights if you are on the roster.

The 3rd raid tier is here and we are talking about Mythic Eternal Palace. I will more than likely try putting a Mythic raid team together on Mondays at 6pm ST. If interested, please sign up on the in-game calendar.

Here are the requirements for Mythic raiding in the Eternal Palace. Those who meet requirements during the sign up will receive priority invites.

  1. Azerite neck level of a minimum 55.
  2. Mimimum rank 2 essences in both Major and Minor slots.
  3. +60 enchants/+60 gems
  4. Weapon enchants
  5. Minimum dps of 24-26k on a single target fight of a minimum 4:30 minute fight. (Heroic logs of the previous week are used to determine this metric).
  6. A strong grasp of all Heroic mechanics for the boss fights we are working on in Mythic.
  7. The ability to learn and work as a team in all aspects of raiding, including but not limited to the execution of mechanics, gearing strategies, listening to instructions as directed by the Raid Lead and Raid Assists, and learning from mistakes.
  8. High attendance. It is time consuming teaching a lot of people strats and would like to maintain consistency in our raid team.
  9. Be chill and calm at all times. Don’t get upset when you are benched.

If you have questions and/or concerns about the Mythic raiding, please bring them to me and we can have a chat.

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