8.3 Guild Meeting 1/8/20 - Meeting Notes

8.3 Horde Guild Meeting
1/8/20, 8:30pm EST
Horde Officers Present: Severinne, Myxamatozzis, Aellice, Jaydyn, Dimbrews, Maevewinter, Cavalia
Triumvirate/Board Present: N/A

Meeting Minutes:

  • Severinne (GL) - Open meeting, welcome, introduce officers and sections

  • Dimbrews (RL) - Upcoming raid info

    • Ilvl 430 for normal. We will start in normal and stay there for approx. 1-2 weeks before changing to heroic. Ilvl 445 for heroic raid.
    • We have a large raid roster and will be limited to 30 people on any given night. Our tanks are Butters and Astra, with Tin as a backup. Healers will be Dim, Casimir, Moist, Grand, and a couple others who have not confirmed yet.
      • First priority on the roster will go to those who raided with the guild for Eternal Palace. The composition of classes will also play a role, as well as raid experience. On the second night we might start rotating in some other players on the roster.
    • Raid will be Wednesday and Thursday. Please use the in-game sign up on the calendar to sign up. Absences or being late should be posted in Discord in the Raid Absences channel, and ping Dimbrews and/or Maeve.
    • Depending on how the fights are going, we may play a bit with the composition of the raid to have better success.
    • Know how to best use your class during the fights, and come with your own potions, flasks, food, tomes, etc. Be ready to go so we can start the first boss no later than 8:30 server time.
      • You should have your gear gemmed and enchanted as befits them.
      • During fights, we need to keep talking to a minimum. Raid leader, assist, tanks and possibly someone assigned to do certain call outs. If there is an issue with talking during the pulls, or with a mechanic, a RL or Assistant will contact you privately. Please do not take any of this personally.
    • Please read the Raid Rules posted on the forums. There will be no hearthing to enchant or buy gems for new gear that just dropped. Please wait for break or until the end of the raid.
    • Our ultimate goal is to get AOTC. We do not have Mythic plans at this time.
  • Maevewinter (RA) – Additional raid info

    • Save your bonus tokens, you will be able to hold 5 at one time.
    • Expect to use somewhere in the realm of 40 battle pots and 20-40 healing pots. It can get expensive.
    • Link all loot that you don’t need to Maeve, who will put it up for roll. Priority is Main Spec, then off Spec, then alts, then transmog.
      • These rules apply to the main raid. Alt/Open raid is essentially a free-for-all, though stats > tmog.
    • Raid fights will be logged (live logged if I remember), and posted in Discord shortly after raid ends.
    • Raid bots has an update on the 14th that should work to sim for the new raid. Benthic gear can be dropped, it will not work as well anymore.
    • Wowhead guides should start guides this coming week, several posted.
  • Jaydyn (Events) –

    • In the recent months, we have done guild runs for Legion transmogs, a nekkid ICC run, battle pet leveling races, Timewalking, Mythic + on Saturdays. If you’d like to schedule something or be a part of something, please whisper Jaydyn or reach out through Discord.
    • Coming events are: transmog competition (may be done in-game, may be done on forums so that the whole community can participate), old raid achieves for mounts, dungeon achieves, team scavenger hunt, dodgeball, more fishing tournaments. A lot of these foster guild participation and also help restock the guild bank.
    • Events are posted on the in-game calendar, and prizes are usually offered.
  • Aellice (RO) –

    • We have tons of new members, welcome to you all. The drawback to this all these new members is, we are only recruiting for alt raid or people interested in the social aspect of the guild as the raid roster is full. We have no current plans for a second raid team.
    • Cavalia is Recruitment Assistant and is the biggest help and the best person ever. (Or something like that, I may have paraphrased Aellice a little bit. It is late and there was wine.) ß I left that because Cav was taking notes and lolol.
    • We need help bumping the recruitment posts in the WoW forums, please everyone feel free to bump the posts. The locations are linked in the WoW-H announcements. We also have recruitment posts on Reddit.
  • Severinne (Misc. info) –

    • If you don’t see things listed in the in-game calendar, please let Sev know. Only Raiders will see the raid sign-ups listed, but you should be able to see all other events.
    • Please don’t put junk in the Guild Bank. It can be overwhelming. Nothing from old expansions.
      • If you need something that is not in the first tab, please contact an officer for help.
    • If you are new to discord or forums, and need any help or have any questions, please contact Sev or any officer. These are very useful tools that contain plenty of helpful information, so knowing where and how to find it is important. If you’re not sure where to find information, or if you’re not sure how pins work, or if you can find our info in the forums, things like that – please don’t hesitate to ask.
    • In 2020 we will have an Evolved meet-up. In 2019 we had one in Las Vegas. Not just horde, it was all of Evolved! There are some channels at the bottom of discord with pictures from last year and information about this year.
      • This year is planned for May 28-June 1st in Orlando, Florida. There will be an upcoming meeting to go over more info but the date for that has not been set yet. Two houses have been rented for the event. They houses are full, but there are lots of hotels nearby, and many events planned. Maeve, Aellice, Sev, and Sketch will be there from Horde!
  • Open to Questions now-

  • If you can only raid one of the 2 nights, can you still sign up?

    • Dimbrews: If you can only attend one night of raid, please go ahead and sign up. However, priority will be for those that can make both nights.
  • What is the cut off for signing up?

    • January 14th is the cut off for picking a main, any changes after that will count as your one-way switch. You can switch your class once per tier in the raid, but not back and forth. Folks can still sign up initially after the 14th though.
    • Alt raid is a great place to try out raiding if you are new to it, or want to try a new class.
  • Will there be a second raid team?

    • We might move to multiple raid teams in the future, but would need to have a large number of overflow tanks and healers. This is something we are monitoring, and we are also communicating with Alliance, as they have gone through the split before.
    • Dimbrews: If you really want to raid, and need help getting there, please dm me or send me an in-game mail. He wants to see you love raiding too.
  • Myx (XO) – Now a more general officer since he’s not raid leading. He will be around more in between caring for his new baby. If you have any questions, please ask. He’s on discord a lot for help.

  • Final notes –

    • Use your Titan Residuum before new content where it will turn into silver.
    • Raid comes out the 21st, and tomorrow is our last Heroic EP raid. Sunday is our last Normal EP run. No raid next week.
      • It was suggested to do the Horrific Visions next week during raid times with other Guild members.

Thank you all for coming!