8.3 Mythic Raider Signups

UPDATED for current 8.3 progress

This is the place to signup for mythic raiding. Format is similar to joining a raid team:

Raille - Railletoo Guardian (MS) - Feral (Preferred OS) - not viable Resto/Balance

We want your main spec and any offspecs you can play well enough as a mythic raider (we understand if you aren’t as competitive as main specs, but at least be able to pull your weight if you claim an offspec is viable) also post specs you feel you have no business playing.

Signing up does not mean you will raid mythic. The roster will aim to keep 25 main mythic raiders with others who are interested kept as backups to consider when short handed. Additionally the following factors are considered when selecting the roster and may be updated as we understand the requirements to progress more clearly.

Mythic requirements - Those selected for the roster will need to meet several criteria. DPS (60kish using Shad’har as a rough general check), Heals (50kish really fight dependant), preparedness, attendance, ability to perform mechanics, etc… are all factors that will be considered largely based on the first month of raiding and officer input. Availability, barring the unforeseen, can you make Saturday raids and show up 15 minutes early. We can’t wait until raid start time to figure out if mythic is happening.

Specifics will be revised but plan that you’ll need in addition to the factors considered above:

460 ilvl minimum
level 12 Cloak, will be raised to 15 within 2 weeks of a 15 cloak being achievable.
level 80 neck
class “required” essences unlocked at level 3

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Raille - Railletoo Guardian (MS) - Feral (Preferred OS) - not viable Resto/Balance

Naddie - Havoc MS - not Mythic viable Vengeance spec

Kaelik - Fire MS atm, will swap to any viable spec on a fight to fight basis

Cascade-Balance MS -Resto OS- Dont let me cat or bear-

GlaiveCombo - Havoc MS - Veng OS - I love tanking but understand I’m new here so im happy to dps if more veteran members want to tank :v:t6:

Avasti - Ravasti - Assassination ( MS ) - Outlaw ( OS )

Deadforge - Redmorphosis Havoc (MS) - not viable Vengeance

Swim - Swimdk - Deathknight - what is an offspec?

Mythri - Mythrí - Fury Warrior DPS - can play Arms and do have Prot spec if needed

Redmagi - Redmagi - Druid - All Specs, Currently Prioritizing Resto

Isilaura- Isilaura- Resto (preferred) Boomy OS

Disjoing - Disjoint - Beast Master Hunter - Or MM is fine too

Medd - Meddah - resto druid - OS not mythic viable just sit me

Cyborgmonk- Cyborgmonk- Windwalker

Molly - Toladi- Warrior dps (fury/arms)

Seiste - Seiste Prot (MS) - Arms (Preferred OS) - not viable Fury

Estral - Estrall Arcane (MS) - Fire/Frost not viable (currently working on getting fire to a viable state)

Mugank - Mugonk Brewmaster (MS) - Windwalker (OS) - Probably viable- MW - Not yet

Azuremi - Azuremi Retribution (MS) - Protection (OS)