8.3 Raid Reminders and Updates

WoW has now entered that stage of the game where we start to see a lot of burnout. As we all wait for news of Shadowlands, we want to go over general reminders and some roster changes to keep everyone up to date and to help alleviate burnout.

I want to start by providing the following links for our Raid Rules and Etiquette and our current Raid Schedule.

As many of you know, we have designated Saturday for a Mythic raid group. So far we have killed Wraithon, Skitra, and Maut, with attempts on Hivemind. After a few more attempts, Hivemind should go down as well. A big thanks to Raille for putting it together this raid tier.

We are able to clear most of Heroic Ny’alotha in one night (Tuesday nights), which leaves Friday to finish Heroic and move into either alt raid night or raid achievement night. However, despite the Heroic raid being on “farm” we are still having raid members consistently die to the same mechanics. Please make sure you have and know how to use our required addons (DBM or Big Wigs and Exorsus Raid Tools). Our Raid Leaders and Raid Assists should not have to call out big boss mechanics (the annihilation mechanic on Maut) as these mechanics are dealt with the same in every raid for every difficulty for every week that we’ve been raiding. With the exclusion of brand new raiders, we all ought to know the boss mechanics. And yes, everyone screws up every now and then and dies to something they usually don’t. But, Please, for your RL/RA/Officer’s sanity, do not use the excuse “the boss mechanic wasn’t called out”. We require DBM or Big Wigs for this reason.

To ensure our raid nights go cleanly and quickly, please try very hard to avoid pulling extra trash. If you are using corruption effects such as Twilight Devastation, pay attention to your positioning. Just because a boss is on farm does not exclude your responsibility to do mechanics be it switching dps to priority adds (Raden, Skitra, Hivemind, Vex) or doing soak mechanics properly (Raden, Xanesh, Vex). Failure to do so will result in removal from raid. Kindly remember your actions effect 20+ other people in your raid team.

As of 4/7/20 (see the new roster below) we will be doing a roster shuffle to mix things up during this stressful time. Remember, we are trying to provide a raid environment that is fun for everyone. We also want to remind everyone that we do allow main swaps (see the links provided above on the exact ruling about this). If you are unsure about a main swap, please use the Open Raid on Sunday to test how you might feel about raiding on a specific character. We also want to emphasize that if you sign up for our raid and are placed on a raid team, we expect you to show up unless you notify us of your absence in Discord.

If you have questions or concerns, please bring them to your GM, XO, or other officers. We cannot address issues if we do not know they exist.