9.2 Raid Meeting 2/25/22

We just wanted to have a quick raid meeting just to go over the coming tier, the coming week, our plans, etc.

Usually I (Isi) would have worked up a pre-meeting agenda to add notes to, but tonight these notes are certified FRESH (b/c I’ve been a slacker this week).

From Allieya -

  • If you don’t know him, get to know him - he was one of our raid leaders in 9.0 and early 9.1 (before taking a break b/c of the Blizzard mess).

  • There will be 2 raid teams - but we are tight on our critical roles. If you are thinking about trying out tanking or healing this tier (and have a toon geared for it, or close to geared) let us know so we can talk about it - whether it’s a backup tank/heal option or whatever.

  • Our M+ Mingle Nights are on hiatus until we get settled into the new tier - so look for them to start back up in 3-4 weeks.

  • Open Raid will start back up the week on March 13th with the release of the first SotFO LFR wing - we’ll probably do that wing then go into Normal a few weeks into the tier.

  • Be prepared on Tuesday - be enchanted, gemmed, ect. Bring everything you should have - oils, stones, armor kits, flasks, food, etc

  • Have the addons that we require for raiding. Method Raid Tools (used to be Exorsus Raid Tools) and your choice of boss mod (either DBM or BigWigs)

From Meddah -

  • We’ll be going through about ~24 Shadestones per week - please be making your Shadestones if you can and donate what you can (we’re not greedy, make some money for yourselves off them too!!)


  • ilvl for Normal is 237 - Zereth Mortis can help you do this pretty easily.

  • Your legendary should be 262 - rank 6.

  • If you know your schedule will consistently put you out on a day/days - let us know. For instance, if you’re always going to be out Tuesday - let us know, so we can mark it down. One of the things we balance the teams around is attendance.

  • In addition to having your toon prepared, do your homework prior to the first raid pulls on Tuesday. Expect to have looked at the first 3-4 bosses prior to raid. (We’ll announce which route we’re going when we release the rosters on Sunday.)

  • Do more M+ this tier - Tier pieces come from more than just the raid. Be doing keys for tier - they don’t have to be high keys. Tier comes from PvP as well, if that’s a thing you do, do it and have even more chances to get your tier.

  • We’re going back into Progression - so be prepared for what Progression means. Be prepared to wipe.
    If we’re not getting a boss down in a decent amount of time - we will be looking to sit people who are struggling with mechanics in order to get the boss down. More bosses down, means more loot for our team, which means an easier time on future bosses for all of us.

  • Make sure to make use of the #raid-sign-up-and-absence channel when you know you’re going to be out. Pretty please do this. If we need to make adjustments, it really helps if we know this ahead of time.

Thanks everyone! Looking forward to Tuesday and a new raid!

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