9th Guild Lottery - STARTS Monday 8/6 - ENDS w/Drawing Sunday 8/11

Greetings Adventurers!

Evolved ESO will run a bi-weekly lottery in game! A game of chance? Donations to the guild? Pure gambling…? Well its a little bit of all of these. The purpose of the lottery is for members getting a chance at some big $$$ but also as a way to raise funds in our guild bank.

How does it all work?
1. Tickets cost 5,000 gold each.

2.“Purchase” tickets by donating an even amount of money in to the guild bank.
5,000 gold deposit = 1 ticket
3,455 gold deposit = no tickets cause addon only tracks divisible amounts
50,000 gold deposit = 1 ticket because addon is not smart enough to divide
(I will still actively look for a better addon - please share if you find one)

  1. Event will run from Monday - Sunday, addon will track deposits
  2. On the last Sunday, Grimmie will close the lottery and have the addon randomize the winners!

Gold Distribution

  • 1st Place is 65% of the total
  • 2nd Place is 20% of the total

** Remaining 15% will deposited to guild back to go towards future contest and participation prizes!


I will take a chance on a little of that action. :sunglasses:

Do you have to be online to win

no - wedgebert will post the random winners if they are not online - its an addon that does it