A new (returning, effectively new) player wanting to join

I am effectively new because the last time I played, flying didn’t exist. A lot has changed since then. I pretty much don’t know the game anymore.

My current character is Carella, a level 10 (for right now) Night Elf druid herbalist/inscriptionist. Inscription looked to be the least requiring of other professions. And I kinda want the glyphs for cosmetic purposes >.>

Anyway, I am hoping to join and add to the guild. Just please excuse the occasional flare-ups of Grandpa Simpson Syndrome. I get talkative about the past too much at times :stuck_out_tongue:

During the week I am typically early mornings (9 am to 11 am CST and maybe a bit around noon) or extremely late night (11 pm to 1 am) due to my work schedule. Weekends, I’ll be on most of the day.

Welcome Sinofterra! It looks like you have taken the lengthy steps already and have forums access. Any WoW-A officer can get you an in-game invite, just whipser one of us or post up in the WoW-A discord chat channel.