Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible - Patch 10.1 Raid Changes

Below is a list of reworks to the raid rules that the TFS and WTh Leads have found needed changing, rewording, revamps and removed. The orange coloring is the new information.


Applying to become a raider

Main Raider: Signing up to become a raider means you can commit to all nights or specific nights of raiding with minimal attendance issues.

  • Yes, IRL comes first. Please be courteous and let us know when you are unable to attend.
  • Signing up to be a raider means you also become a flex raider for the other raid team.

Flex Raider: Raiders that can’t make any of the raid nights consistently. Signing up for flex raider means you can go to ANY team’s raid.

  • If you are on and available let the raid leader know. We will try to get you in, depending on open spots and raid composition.
    • Don’t auto invite yourself.
  • Keep in mind we will remove Flex Raiders for Main Raiders.
  • Flex Raiders are not guaranteed a raid slot if there is no room.

Switching Mains: Should a Raider decide to switch their main raiding toon you can do so but only TWICE per raid tier, as raid is not the place to gear up all of the alts you play.

  • NO double dipping meaning going from Wed-Thu one week, then swapping to tue-fri-sat the next week with a different toon, then back again with a 3rd toon.
    • We do understand schedules change but we do consider this a main swap
    • Raid Leaders have the ability to ask someone who main swapped to switch if their “new main” is doing less DPS/Healing

Regret Swap: We do know that mistakes are made when switching mains. We don’t want you do be tied down on a bad decision so you are not having fun. We do allow what is called “Regret Swap” in the event you feel you made a wrong decision about switch mains.

  • Regret swap can be used but does still use up a main swap.
  • Can’t regret swap mid week.
    • In the event you are struggling that bad, the leads can approve.
  • Regret swap time limit is 3 weeks.

Progression Bosses


Raiding requires a certain amount of commitment. Every member is expected to learn the boss mechanics. Repeated failure of mechanics will result in removal from a boss fight. We will address the situation(s) as they arise during both progression and farm.

  • We will always go for a minimum of three attempts on any bosses with all raiders before removing.
    • Attempts through progression or farm could go above three attempts based on learning or new raiders to squad.
    • Leads don’t auto remove after three but adjust as they see fit.
  • Respect the time of your raid squad members.
    • Please have the personal responsibility to remove yourself if you know you are not meeting expectations for a specific boss.


Switching Specs: With how the loot rolls work we do know that members are going to be swapping specs based on certain fights. But you have signed up to raid that spec so you will be rolling on that spec.

  • We do allow TWO spec swaps in a tier, if a raider decides they are complete with their main spec or they are not liking/performing well.
    • We do suggest that you acquire off-spec gear by other means such as Mythic Plus or Crafting.

Tier Information

Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible - Item Level Entry
Normal = 400 ilvl | Heroic = 413 ilvl | Mythic = 426 ilvl

Heroic Difficulty Raids
Heroic raids will be for the raiders that can perform to the best of their abilities while understanding the mechanics of the encounter. They must have completed one full clear of normal and it must show on the World of Warcraft armory.

  • Experience: Normal cleared
  • Minimum ilvl: 413
  • 2-piece tier set required

On July 25th (12 Weeks after raid release) the following tier requirements change to.

- Minimum ilvl: 420
- 4-piece tier set required


  • Signing up to raid for main raider or flex raider regardless of which team (TFS or WTh) auto puts you as Flex Raider.
  • Will Call name changed to Flex Raider
  • As Flex Raider don’t Auto Invite your self. Ask a lead if there is room or wait for call out in Cross Faction Community.
  • Can Swap toons TWICE per raid.
  • If switched to new toon and that toon is doing not good might get asked to switch back to original main
  • New Regret swap rule (Read Above)
  • Attempts can go above THREE
    • Leads don’t AUTO REMOVE after three
  • Removed SWITCHING SPECS rule
  • New Item Level - Normal = 400 ilvl | Heroic = 413 ilvl | Mythic = 426 ilvl
    • Heroic upped to 420 ilvl with 4pc as of July 25th