Aellice's Pet Battle Guide

Aellice’s quick and dirty pet battle guide!

Currently updating this guide for Shadowlands, stay tuned!

Why You Should Pet Battle

-Several profession recipes require rep with various factions, like The Wild Hunt for cauldrons and the harvesters for feasts, pet battling gives you extra rep each day.

-Pet battling is EASY! Once you level your first team of pets, you can use them to level all manner of pets fast. And pet battle world quests are scalable, so you can take 3 level 1 pets up against a pet battle world quest, and annihilate them!

-Pet battling is great for those crazy completionists (like me!) who need all the things - pets, mounts, achievements. For example, you need to be able to pet battle to get mounts like the Brilliant Direbeak and Snowfeather Hunter require pet battling to obtain

-If you are a goldmaker - level 25 pets generally sell for more than level 1 pets.

But to be honest, if you don’t already pet battle, the reason you want to start is the rep.

The Quick:

Your first team:

This is a recommendation of the first team you should level. These are pretty common pets to find in strats for shadowlands world quests, and are useful for leveling other pets.

Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling: A very powerful pet, since mechanical pets have one self-resurrect after their first death. This pet is used in a lot of world quests, but most importantly, is useful for Squirt leveling (see Squirt notes below).

Iron Starlette: Supercharge/wind up is an extremely powerful ability to one shot strong pets, as well as using its explode ability to funnel exp to a weaker pet behind it, a strategy used often for leveling battle pets.

Chrominius: Howl and surge of power are part of a classic “howl bomb” strategy, and arcane explosion attacks all pets.

Then you’ll want to level:

Unborn Val’kyr: First part of the powerful Haunt/Black Talon/Flock combo. Great for killing single pet battle bosses in world quests.

Zandalari Kneebiter/Anklerender OR Ikky: Second part of the powerful Haunt/Black Talon/Flock combo (hunting party in the case of Kneebiter or Anklerender).

Nexus Whelpling: Mana surge and Arcane storm are powerful magic pet attacks, plus Arcane Storm prevents your pets from being stunned. Pet is found in many world quest teams.

These six pets should give you a decent starting point for beating most of the Shadowlands world quest dailies, as well as give you good options to help level other pets you may find are needed for other strats.

Note: You can find level 25 pets for sale on the auction house, but if you have never leveled a pet to 25 by yourself, you will not be able to use them until you do.

Where to find them:

Unborn Val’kyr - not a cageable pet, which means you can’t buy it on the auction house. This pet is found in Northrend. As you fly around, make sure Track Pets is checked on your minimap icons list, then when the paw prints show up on the ground below you, hover over them. If one says Unborn Val’kyr, fly down and battle it and try to capture it. Pets need to be knocked to below 30% health to be able to be caged. This pet can appear in all qualities in the wild, so either grind them until you find a naturally born Rare quality one, or catch any old Val’kyr and do some pet battle quests until you get a pet battle upgrade stone (they’re blue in color), and use it on the pet to make it rare. You will need to level this one to 25 on your own. Noteable Moves: Curse of Doom and Haunt are the moves to target on this pet

Zandalari Anklerender/Kneebiter - Found on the Isle of Giants in Pandaria. You CAN fly there by heading straight north from Zouchin Village in Kun-Lai Summit, Pandaria. The fatigue won’t kill you but you will be dismounted before you reach the shore. Swim the rest of the way, pick up your faction’s flight point, and bob’s your uncle! Once here, you want to kill the Zandalari Dinomancers you can find on the southeastern parts of the island and on the boat docked nearby. There are 4 zandalari dino pets that drop from these mounts, the footslasher and toenibbler are fairly useless pets for the combo we’re setting up due to how their abilities fall, but the kneebiter and anklerenders both work. There is a fairly high drop rate of all the pets, I usually get 3-4 in an hour grind, but because of how valuable these pets are, they are heavily farmed. But this is the cheap way to get them. The expensive but fast way is to just buy them on the auction house. They are only ever of rare quality. Noteable Moves: Black Claw and Hunting Party.

Emerald Proto-Whelp - Found in Northern Sholazar Basin, Northrend, in the area called The Savage Thicket. Also not cageable so you’ll need to catch these ones yourself. These are always level 25 and you’ll need to catch them yourself. Can be of all qualities, so either farm for a natural rare, or use an upgrade stone on the pet. Noteable Moves: Emerald Bite, Emerald Presence, Emerald Dream

How to start:

If you have never pet battled before, you need to seek out the Battle Pet Trainer in either Orgrimmar or Stormwind and buy the battle pet training skill for 10 gold. This will unlock your first battle pet slot and allow you to use any battle pet in your collection window as an active battler. They will also offer you a short quest teaching you the very basics of pet battling. DO IT! It unlocks the “revive battle pet” ability which is crucial if you don’t want to have to constantly fly back to a stable master to heal your pets, or if you don’t want to have to use gobs of bandages to heal them.

After this, you can either start using any battle pet in your stable to start leveling for your first 25. If you don’t have any at all, you can buy your first pet from the battle trainer, OR, you can take the smart route for this guide and either farm up a Zandalari Anklerender or Kneebiter drop or simply buy one at level 1 to start leveling. Remember, until you level a pet to 25 on your own, you won’t be able to use any level 25 pet, whether you buy them or beg them off a friend.

Pet battles themselves are pretty easy. Each pet can eventually learn 6 skills, and you can have 3 active at any one time. To level your first pet, you can either continue following the pet battle questline given to you by your faction’s trainer to completion, or you can fly around and fight battle pets of similar level to your first pet until you hit 25. This is also a good way to start getting a stable of pets if you capture the pets you’re fighting - you get the same experience whether you catch or kill a pet in battle. You can level a pet from 1-25 all on your starting continent, bouncing between zones, and the WoW main map will have a pet battle level under the recommended character level as well. NOTE: Only pets that have fought in a particular battle get experience. If you’re using higher level pets to level a lower level pet, they need to be in the actual battle for at least 1 round (IE they need to take 1 hit or dodge 1 ability) in order to get any experience at all.

Once you have the Unborn Val’Kyr and Zandalari Anklerender/Kneebiter both at rare quality and level 25, you’re ready to take on 80% of the 8.3 daily quests! I would recommend trying to level the Emerald Whelpling along with them, or you can then use those two pets to level a Whelpling to help out.

Also, check what week it is! During pet battle weeks, you get +200% experience to all pet battles, making it so much faster to level your pets!

The Technique:

There are a couple of pet battle strategies that are fairly common to world quests and this guide is setting you up for one of them. It won’t work 100% of the time and if one of these hits misses, sometimes it’s better to forfeit, heal your pets and restart rather than waiting time trying to beat the quest with only half the combo up. Sometimes it doesn’t matter, however and will work anyway.

This is setting up a Curse of Doom/Haunt bomb. You will need:

Unborn Val’kyr with Shadow Slash, Curse of Doom, and Haunt as their active abilities

Zandalari Anklerender/Kneebiter with Hunting Party, Leap, and Black Claw as their active abilities.

The third pet usually doesn’t matter.

The rotation:
Start with Unborn Val’kyr active. Use Curse of Doom, then Haunt - Using haunt will kill your Unborn Val’kyr until the debuff wears off the enemy pet. It doesn’t matter.

Bring in Zandalari Anklerender. Use Black Claw, then Hunting Party.

If this technique works, the Curse of Doom and Haunt will go off at the same time the Black Claw debuff ends, causing massive damage to the enemy creature and killing them. Occasionally a third pet will be needed to finish off the last 300 damage or so.

A leveling pet can be used with this strategy depending on the fight. Sometimes the level pet starts the fight and the Unborn Val’kyr is brought in afterwards. Sometimes the level pet is brought in between the Unborn Val’kyr’s death and the Zandalari dino.

World Quests This Works On:

(I will update this as I figure out which world quests this reliably works on)


Bloot: Open with your level pet active. Perform any single attack then switch to Unborn Val’kyr and start the rotation. Will kill bloot so long as Haunt doesn’t miss.

Aqir Sandcrawler: Cannot be done with level pet, can be done with Unborn Val’kyr and Zandalari Anklerender but subject to heavy RNG. Recommend having Emerald Proto-Whelp in third slot for backup. Open with Unborn Val’kyr. Cast doom, then haunt. Be sure both land, if not, restart. Switch to Zandalari dino. Boss will dive when they come out, so cast Black Claw until it lands, then Hunting party. If you’re lucky, Anklerender will die but haunt and doom will go off, killing boss. If boss survives, switch to Emerald Proto whelp. Emerald bite if boss very low. Otherwise emerald presence, then emerald bite. Use Emerald dream if proto whelp gets below 50% health.

Whispers: This will work with level pet, Undead Val’kyr and Zandalari Anklerender/Kneebiter HOWEVER, it is subject to Heavy RNG. If you try this strat, and Doom or Haunt doesn’t land, you will need to forefit and restart and try again. Open with level pet, cast any one spell and swap in Undead Val’Kyr. Cast curse of doom and haunt - make sure they land on Whispers! Swap to Zandalari dino. Cast Black Claw then Hunting Party, and Whispers will die.

Vale of Eternal Blossoms:

Baruk Stone Defender: Cannot be done with level pet. Open with Unborn Val’kyr, use Curse of doom, then Haunt, switch to Zandalari Anklerender/Kneebiter, use Black Claw, then Hunting Party. Your dino will die but so long as you have a pet in your third slot you will win. If Haunt misses, restart.

Tormentius:Method will work with higher level level pet (above 800 health). Open with level pet and use 2 attacks on level pet. On second attack, boss will use an attack that swaps your active pet out. Be sure Un’born Val’kyr is in your second pet slot and she will be swapped in. Curse of doom, Haunt, swap to Zandalari dino. Black Claw, Hunting party. Boss should die 2-3 rounds later.

Vil’thik Hatching: Will work with a higher level leveling pet (Over 800 health). Open with level pet. Switch to Val’kyr and use Doom, then haunt. Switch to Zandalari dino then use black claw and hunting party.

K’tiny the Mad: Can be done with higher level level pet, must be able to take about 700 hp in damage. Start with level pet and cast any 1 round ability. Swap to undead Val’kyr, then pass next round (boss will have dodge up), then cast curse of doom and haunt. Bring out Zandalari Dino, pass this round. Then cast black claw, then hunting party.

How to use Emerald Proto-Whelp:
This pet is extremely powerful, and has amazing self-healing. Typically when used, the active abilities are Emerald Bite, Emerald Presence, and Emerald dream.

Always open with Emerald Presence, this reduces damage from every attack used against the whelp and lasts for 5 rounds when used. If it falls off, your first priority is to replace it.

If the proto whelp falls below 50% health, use Emerald Dream. This puts the pet to sleep for 3 rounds, but heals an increasing amount of health each time, usually ending up with the pet at full health. It only has a 3 round cooldown, so it can be used repeatedly in a normal pet battle.

Fill in with Emerald Bite. It kills things slowly but the whelp is very hard to kill.

The Dirty:

(Or everything I know about pet battling!)

  • Work in Progress -