Aerial unit R-21/X Mount!

Have you seen this mount but haven’t done Hardmode Mechagon yet? Trouble getting a HM group together? Well this post is for you! Post up if you would like to get into the rotation for the mount. I will attempt at least 1-2 runs a week for HM Mechagon. The only requirement is that you cannot be loot locked to the dungeon since the mount has a 20% drop chance per player. Therefore if all 5 party members are eligible for loot then the mount has a 100% chance to drop.

Here is the kill of our last Hardmode Mechagon kill. The sequence isn’t that bad once you understand how it needs to be dealth with.

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Can I sign up as a tank? T_T Coz I’m hella scared I’m not fast enough at clicking the color things. :S

Sure can Kit!

I’m in for the chance.

I’d like to get pulled in for this. I haven’t done this place at all yet so I’m up for a full clear as well :slight_smile:

Count me in! That mount is pretty neat.

I’m interested Swim. However schedule is shaky until I get to my week off. Which will start on the 24th.

Cool, I’ll start getting groups together probably this week. I think I’ll aim for 1-2 groups per week.

I wouldn’t mind trying to go for the mount.

We got a few people the mount now. If you don’t have it and want it but can’t find a group for Hardmode Mechagon post up and we’ll get a group going for you!

Swim, I’m still in need of it. I ran with you a few times but never got lucky on it. Would be down to run tonight if we can put a group together.