Alliance World PvP Community

Do any of you run with Cryptids-Sargeras in his world pvp raids? He has a community set up for it. I was thinking about making a second community for flank raid groups for boxing in larger horde raids alongside Cryptids. Is this something any of you would be interested in? We just finished a 40v40 give or take a few, right in Boralus. Even though I’m in the Horde branch of Evolved, I play my Alliance Rogue the most, so I thought I would ask if any of you would be interested in taking part in a cross-realm world pvp community. I’m also interested in making videos of such events, so if you took the time to read this, PLEASE post a reply with your thoughts and opinions.


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Check in with Taevarth, bet he’d help out with this since he does “pvp stuff”