Alt Raiding Roulette Challenge

The WoW-A lounge had a great idea for the next raid tier. Anyone who wants to participate gets to choose a name from a hat and gets to chose the class that player is playing for next tier alt raids. Should be super fun and a chance at playing a class you don’t normally chose to play! We can use the end of the current tier to help gear them up a bit for preparation going into the next tier. Post up if you want to join this alt roulette challenge!

O BOIIIII lets do it

I’m scared, but up for it…

I’m down, may my pick be merciful =-D

How’s this for rules? We can adjust till we all feel comfortable about the rules.

Rules for Alt Raid Roulette

  1. Enter your name for the contest by TBD date.
  2. Round 1. Pick classes. The person picking the name chooses the alt to be played.
    2a. For an extra challenge, the choosee may opt for any class even if that means they must level and gear it before the next raid tier.
    2b. Pick of existing alts that are 110+.
    2c. Be lame and choose an alt that is already 120 but not geared for the current tier.
  3. Round 2. Volunteer Spec pick. Those who have a hybrid/heal/tank class can volunteer to heal/tank. If we don’t have a viable raid comp after this round we go to the next round.
  4. Round 3. Random Spec pick. Classes and volunteer specs complete! Time to find out if you are the MT for the roulette raid via a /roll!
  5. Level and gear that toon for the next raid tier for super fun times!

like it, love it, lets do it!

YES PLEASE! This sounds like a blast!

Game. :S :S :S

I don’t typically get to do the alt raid but down for making me level somethin up.

I’m going to put this here for future use.

Possible name picker?

Does it have to be an alt we have at 120, and if not will time the alt class be named in enough time to allow leveling, cause this sounds wonderful.

never mind saw the rules. I am definitly in.

Is this open to all members or just raiders. I would love to try this.

It’s open to anyone who wants to join.

Alt raid character pick roulette will be next Thursday Feb 28th @ 6pm ST.

BTW I am willing to make and level whatever I get picked for … Just hoping someone of that class and spec will help me set everything up… Excited for this chance

Vote on how you want this Alt Raid Roulette will play out!

  • Secret Santa Style. Everyone draws out a name and picks a class for that person. 1 class veto allowed.
  • Completely randomized draw for each person. 1 class swap with anyone.

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Gonna assume we going in on normal.

To start with yes and we’ll probably do alt run on Thursday or Monday since Isi can’t make Sunday.

Next tier being the 2 boss tier?