An Update on Raiding. Big Changes. Look here

Hello everyone! Now that we’re 5 weeks deep into this expansion’s first raid tier, it’s time to take a step back and re-evaluate where we are and what changes need to be made for the better.

Our Successes

  1. We started this raid tier with TWO COMPLETE TEAMS! That’s amazing for a relatively new FC. Having 16 raiders on a roster was a huge boost to our confidence and our week one success.

  2. Both teams have cleared normal with relative ease. While these raids are not exactly the most difficult on normal mode, it was an exciting challenge to put our raiders up against, especially those new to FFXIV raiding.

Unfortunately…that’s about where our successes ended.

Our Struggles

Both teams have had some critical struggles up to this point.

  1. Attendance. What started as an optimistic, 16 player raid roster quickly turned into a lot less than that. Since week one, we have not had all 8 members in attendance for even one raid night. We get that IRL happens, but the unfortunate reality of progression raiding is that consistent attendance is required for not only killing bosses, but also getting much needed experience raiding in FFXIV. Both teams have had pugs, or members of the other team filling each night since the first week.

  2. Performance issues in savage. Let me start by saying SAVAGE IS HARD. It’s the equivalent of going from normal raids to mythic raids in WoW, with nothing in between. These raids are not easy, they require all 8 members to be equally skilled and knowledgeable about the mechanics and their role/job, and especially hard for those of us (myself included) who are new to FFXIV raiding. The learning curve is massive. With that, neither team has killed a single boss in savage content yet, and based on how things are proceeding week after week right now, I don’t think either team will have much success.

Where do we go from here?

Though I listed 2 positives and 2 negatives from our raid progression so far, it’s important to address the negatives as they are impeding on the FC’s success as a whole.

With that said, the officer core met this weekend to discuss a way forward. The following details are how we will approach raiding going forward, effective immediately.

Savage Raid Requirements

As I stated above, SAVAGE RAIDING IS HARD and something we were not prepared for when we initially drew up our raiding plans. In order to be successful in this content, we are putting a new list of requirements out that MUST BE MET if you are to be considered for savage content. This is not to put anyone down, the harsh reality is that this content requires all 8 members of a team to pull their weight and be exceptionally skilled in the content they are doing. The requirements are, subject to change, as follows:

  1. 450+ iLvl. You must be at least 450 ilvl to be considered for savage. No exceptions. If you lack gear, get in touch with one of our crafters, as they can craft a full set of 450 gear. Help them out with gathering the materials and they’ll be happy to help you out by crafting you a set of gear.

  2. Full proper melds. All jobs have a stat priority list. Find it on the balance discord, which is pinned in our FFXIV announcements channel. Find the resources channel, where all the information on stat weights, melds, etc can be found. All members MUST be fully melded, with the correct materia, to be considered for savage raiding.

  3. Mechanical prowess. This is simple. You must be capable of doing the required mechanics in any boss fight. Needless deaths due to not standing in the right position will hinder progression. Show up with a good understanding of how the fight works, and be flexible to raid leader calls, because mechanics may change on the fly!

  4. Understand your job. As I mentioned above, the Balance discord is a great resource for learning how to play your job/role. You’re expected to know the ins and outs of your job/role as we will expect exceptional performance.

  5. Parses. DPS checks are littered throughout all of the current savage content. If you can’t meet the required DPS, we can’t kill bosses. We want to kill bosses. Practice your opener, rotation, everything, both on dummies and in normal modes. We need to see that you are capable of pulling the DPS numbers required. NOTE: This DOES apply to tanks and healers, too. All 8 members must be capable of doing damage to clear encounters.

  6. Communication. Last but definitely not least, communication is the KEY to progression. This includes listening to the raid leader’s calls, tanks communicating cooldowns, healers communicating rezzes when someone dies, etc. We’re in discord for a reason. Take advantage of it.

The list of requirements is fluid, and subject to change, as we see fit. For now, work on these things if you want to join us in savage.


At this point, we simply do not have enough players to continue raiding with two separate teams. So, going forward, there will only be one team scheduled to raid weekly.

This team will be made up of 8 players (plus alternates) who the raid officers have seen excel in raids up to this point, and meet the criteria listed above for savage raiding. The raid leader or assist will reach out to the players they have selected and offer them a position on the team.

The raid leader for this team will be Acalystus and the raid assist will be Fizzix.

If you are not chosen for this team, do not fret! There are only so many slots to fill and as much as we’d like to take everyone, we can’t do that just yet. Once we have enough members to start up a second raid team again, we will, with the same requirements.

Open Raid

One night per week, Friday 6pm PDT (tentative, may change due to scheduling issues), will be what we call “Open Raid.” This is where anyone in the FC is welcome to join for the content we choose to do that night. We want to open this up as an opportunity for everyone else to get more practice/experience raiding in FFXIV to help them get to a point where they are ready to do savage content.

The raid will be hosted by 1-2 members of the savage team (and/or willing officers), who are there to HELP YOU IMPROVE!! They’ll be utilizing the experience they get from the savage content to make sure everyone in these open raids can soon join them in the harder content.

Savage team members may also use these raids as a “tryout” of sorts, for the savage team. Impress the raid leaders in the open raid, and you just might find yourself on the savage team!

A look to the future

I want to emphasize that this change is positive for everyone. The end goal is to get everyone into the savage content and able to progress. We just aren’t there yet, member wise or experience wise, so this change was necessary.

The dream for us is to return to a 2 (and possibly 3) raid team FC. To do that, we need more members, and more members who meet the criteria for savage content.

Open raid will be a consistent thing, as we will have new members reaching 80, or joining the FC, all the time, and we want to give everyone an opportunity to experience raid content.

I hope you all will understand why this change was necessary, and look forward to successful raids to come!

Thanks everyone!