AOTC, post em if you need it

If you have a char looking to get AOTC for EP prior to 8.3 post here so we can try and get you in. This is for mains who don’t raid or are new to the team and haven’t made it to a full clear yet.

Don’t worry if you think you comp can’t handle it we just let you die at the start and kill her easy peasy druid squeezee.

Da List:


  • would love to try but computer very laggy still and I have a wrist injury… I shouldn just run in and die at the beginning of each boss*

I’d like to get AOTC, If it isn’t to much trouble

I’m new to the raid, i’d love to get it before 8.3 :slight_smile:

I tried this week but we failed! Its so hard for me when I can only raid every other Tuesday though. I’d like AOTC though.

raises hand

I haven’t raided literally AT ALL this tier (not even LFR) but getting the achieve would be cool now that I’m playing again. Having said that, I just came back from a lengthy break so I probably won’t be contributing much and am fine with missing it.

Would also like to partake in this one!

Des would like to get aotc as well

i need one as well! im on 7/8H :frowning: so many different pugs i’ve tried and ppl disband at Ashzara

I know I’m late to the topic, but would love to join you tomorrow for the AOTC achievement. Originally thought I had plans Friday, but holiday plans changed and I will join the raid tomorrow if there is room.

I wouldn’t mind trying to get into one of these runs. I am fairly new to the guild but with Christmas break coming up It would be nice to finally get involved with something.

I am interested in getting a carry for the AOTC achievo!

I’ve been back in game for six days only after 13 months break, but thanks to guildie help, I’ve gone from 370 to 404 ilevel in that time.

If you have the pewpew to carry me, I would be very appreciative!

Oomcat Paul

zilkat please please please… need to get in to raiding again …

I’m going to the alt raid, tonight, January 10th on my main, Thrielina. Hopefully I can get it, then.

I would like to go on my Rogue, please.

I haven’t even been through normals this expansion. But if the guild is running groups to get folks through the raids before Shadowlands, I’d LOVE to join in if possible. I just have my main in the guild (Stolmir).