Aplication to Join - Shadowmourne

Hello. I am Shadowmourne, from Proudmoore. I have been playing in retail since WoD, with experience in WoW since early Wrath. Currently, I’m playing UH DK, and have experience with the other two specs as well. Having recently moved to Proudmoore, I am looking for a guild and a raiding group. My experience is mainly in Heroic Mode. I achieved every AotC in Legion, the last two of BfA (Azshara and N’Zoth, after a short break), and Denathrius from Shadowlands. I also enjoy doing M+ (I recently achieved KSM) and other forms of content (you can find me doing PvP as well, every once in a while). My main goal is to find a group to play with, and join a community I can get involed into. I am 25 yo, open to criticism and always looking to improve, constantly researching my favourite class in the game (DK), and ways to get better with it. Thanks for letting me introduce myself and considering my application.


I think you found a good place. We do lots of raiding and m+ as well as other in game activities and lots of other games if you want to dabble outside of wow. You should get our discord info from registration and once you get set up on discord we can either get you an invite in the guildfinder app in game or if you catch an officer online while playing.

Please let us know if you have any questions or troubles getting started. Looking forward to meeting you.