App to Join - voidglitter


Coming back to wow. I was playing Classic, and before that I played: TBC,Wrath,Legion,BFA.

Want to have some fun maybe progression or just join a quality guild to have fun in shadowlands with.


Hello and Welcome to Evolved! I am glad you came across our guild and decided to give us a try!

If you haven’t yet, I recommend checking out WoW-A New Member Guide It has a ton of great info for new members joining our community!

If you are still needing an invite, easiest way is to join our Discord and ask in WOW-A chat or whisper any WOW-A officer for an invite. You can also search for Evolved in the guild recruitment tool and apply there, just make sure you include your Evolved forum name so we know you are registered already.

Welcome again! Make sure to reach out if you have any questions :slight_smile: