Applicaiton to Join


I’m applying to join based on posts found on the Proudmoore Wow Forums.

Character: Pullo
Class: Arms Warrior

My interests are in Mythic+ and Normal Raiding, along with pick up runs if slots open. I’m a casual player, play a few hours a night, and would like to join the guild to contribute as a group player when needed. I’ve played since vanilla, but never raided until Legion, and enjoy the Normal experience, as it fits best with real life time commitments. Mythic+ looks interesting so if there is groups forming for that I’d be interested in joining.

I have Discord, headset with mic, run weakauras, have DBM, plus other addons. Thank you for your time.


I think you might enjoy what we have going on with us. We have set raid teams, but once the content becomes farm we’ll be having a more casual open raid if either of those sound appealing, and we have lots of M+ groups most evenings and at least with the start of SL during the day as well. You are more than welcome to just hang or get as involved as you feel you can commit and enjoy with us. We take all kinds.