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Hello Evolved!

I’m Viper, a Worgen Death Knight. I’ve been playing on and off since the backend of The Burning Crusade. Once Wrath of the Lich King came out I rerolled a new main into a Death Knight and haven’t looked back. Wrath of the Lich King was also the last expansion that I did progressive raiding in. World of Warcraft started to feel like a second job for me because of the raiding. I needed to be on at a set time and needed to devote a set number of hours each week to just raiding. This burned me out from the game pretty quickly so I stopped and never returned to the current content raid life. Since then my Azeroth life has been more focused on following the lore, achievement hunting, and collecting transmogs, mounts, and toys.

I’ve sometimes taken periods of many months to a full year or two break at times. Sometimes life keeps me from the game, but after a while it finds a way to pull me back in. Many of my friends have moved on from the game. The guild that I was a part of apparently disappeared during Legion which I completely missed out on. I played all of Battle for Azeroth on my own.

I’m looking for a new guild to call home for my main and two alts (a demon hunter, and a mage). I do have social anxiety so I may be quiet most of the time. I’m not looking to raid current content, but I am looking for a more casual experience. Perhaps maybe push myself to talk to new people, also grouping with people in The Maw, or hunt for collectibles or achievements. I hope to hear from you. Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

Hello Viper!

Sorry for the delay in responding, holiday craziness. One of my favorite things about World of Warcraft is the many different choices for people at end content. Raiding is not for everyone, for sure! We have a large and active guild. Glimmer and Seph are our officers that head up events, like cheev / transmog runs. There are a TON of us that chase those down instead of raiding umpteen hours a week. Things are finally starting to setting down with the hectic race of the new expansion, and I expect more runs of that sort to get scheduled again. We typically do them weekly, but have delayed scheduling after the launch. We do ask that you join us in Discord for those guild runs, as communication is important for some of those cheeves. I completely understand the discomfort of joining new groups with social anxiety, and here’s my tip for us at Evolved: hop in to the Discord voice channel, but mute yourself. We can all see the mute icon next to your name and will not expect you to talk. That gives you the comfort of taking part, the ability to do the mechanics as needed, with zero expectations to speak. In fact, you can hop in any voice channel, in any game, at any time in our server to find out what we’re about as a community. We usually just ask that you wait a bit quietly in case the group is killing a boss and needs clear coms for callouts. You can also hop around muted and people won’t expect you to speak in this case either. We have MANY members that just like to hangout in voice groups and listen in to runs. No one would find it odd at all. It’s a great way low stress way to meet us all.

If you’re looking to group up for Maw dailies, just post in gchat. I’m a druid and will wait til later in the day to see if anyone needs help / a ride around the maw.

Hope to see you soon in game!

To help you get started:

Discord link:

To setup discord:

  1. go to the #jedbot-authentication channel
  2. use these commands to align your discord account with your forum name and unlock the server:
    .iam DuVark
    .setrole WoW-A

Guild Invite:

  1. you can use the in game guild finder. Make sure to just note your forum name from here “DuVark”
  2. you can use “/who evolved” and ask an online member to point you to an officer for invite
  3. ask in discord. In discord after you do the above setup, scroll WAYYYYYY down to the WoW-A area. You can go to WoW-A Chat and @WoW-A Officer to ask for an invite to the guild. We’ll need your in game name and forum name for invite.

New member info: WoW-A New Member Guide

IGN: Meddah-Proudmoore

Awesome! I understand it’s been a busy couple of weeks. Thank you!

I’m trying to do a .iam and a .setrole in that discord channel but I’m not getting a response from the bot at all. I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong.

Hello and Welcome to Evolved! We are glad to have you join our community! Make sure to reach out if you have any questions!

Look forward to seeing you in game! :smiley: