Application - Bloodkind

I have found your guild through the Guild Finder, while looking for a casual guild where i could still participate of AOTC tier content.
I had played since WOTLK. But i had some changes in my job and then i had a long stop on start of shadowlands. Now that i am back, i am kinda drifting around, looking for a way to still do the content, but taking a little bit more easy than before.
i am looking for a guild where i can do some friends and learn some new aspects of the game, since i am very noob when it comes to Shadowlands, and Evolved guild seems a very, very friendly and healty environment regarding this.

A little about me:
I have 30 yo, work, and study and I also play a lot of other games. I might be a little bit quiet, but i guantree I am always chilled, friendly and open to learns and feedbacks. : )

Thank you!

Hey Omnislash!

Welcome to Evolved! It definitely sounds like Evolved can be a great fit for you! You’ve done the hardest part of getting in, which is creating your forum account. All you need to do is get set up on Discord and set your roles using the Jedbot authentication system. Once that’s done, you can ping @Wow-H officer in the WoW-H channels to get a handy-dandy officer to send you an invite in game! Or you can use the in-game guild finder tool and just put in your forum name there!