Application - Brux

Hello! Just figured I’d take a moment to say “hey” and introduce myself. My name is Brux, and I feel old as dirt these days. I’ve been playing off and on since vanilla, but haven’t played “seriously” (read: weekly raid running) since Cata or so. I’m still a somewhat casual player these days, though I find myself with an abundance of time on my hands and nowhere to call home; the biggest part of WoW for me has always been community, and I haven’t found a comfortable guild in many years (which is also partly why I haven’t played that seriously, honestly), so that’s why I’m here. I wouldn’t mind trying to play more actively again, but like the slightly more relaxed atmosphere that you guys advertise. :slight_smile: And some good chat and company, that would just be the cherry on the cake.

I don’t know what more to say about myself; I’m Canadian, on the west coast, and aside from WoW I’m an avid cross-stitcher, am a dog groomer (not working currently, though), love a good book and long walks on the beach… wait, wrong application. :stuck_out_tongue: Anyways, hello again! And I’m looking forward to meeting everyone in the time to come.

(In game: Rehzi, ele/resto Shammy)

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Welcome! :slight_smile:

welcome home fam!