Application - Cahill

Gooooood morning/afternoon/evening!

I’ve come back to the game recently and I’ve found that all my previous “homes” are now smoldering piles of rubble. So what better time to take a look at what’s around?

I’ve been playing WoW pretty well since launch. I traditionally take one “break” every expansion and come back strong for the next. The only one I sat out of altogether was BFA. One free weekend tryout was enough to scare the crap out of me so that was the end of that.

I’m mainly looking to raid and do Mythic+ with people I can call “friend”. Though I main a mage, I’ve been in every role and am not opposed to shifting around as needed. Melee scares me if I don’t have a giant health bar or a shield, but I never shy away from a challenge.

I’ve raided at pretty much every level, varying throughout the expansions. I’ve seen Naxxramas in Vanilla, but never killed as much as Prince Malchezaar in BC. I’ve killed Arthas without too big an ICC buff, but got stuck on Ultraxion. And so on and so forth. I’ve also managed a few ultimate fights in FFXIV.

My current character is Aloysius on Silvermoon. Transfers are not an issue, I’ve got gold to spare. If a raid team is actively looking, I can also faction change if necessary.

Any questions, or if I did this application thing wrong, please let me know!

Battletag: Cahill#11580
Discord: Cahill#1229

Hiya Cahill! If you are interested in coming over we are a lot of fun!

We have tons of events throughout the week/month, you can check them out in the #wow-events channel in discord

We raid two nights a week (Wed/Thurs) and JUST GOT AOTC this week with both of our raids! (Two 30 man raids)

We are having a blast, and if you’d like to join you’re more than welcome!