Application - Chyrum

Hey there, quick intro:

I’ve been playing WoW since Vanilla (have the orc on the wolf statue to prove it :slight_smile: )and have done just about everything under the sun. My current guild I have been with since 2017?, we transferred over from Laughing Skull/Cho’gal/Auch. about a year ago. Before that, I’d been in the same guild since 2006, though all of them same myself and one other drifted off over time.

The current group is hard pushing for top 100 CN Mythic and, frankly, I just don’t have the energy for that kind of thing. My ambition for raids ends with AoTC (which I do have for CN). My current focus is M+, and getting back into consistently tanking them as I have always enjoyed pushing dungeons. I finished BFA over 2k io on two characters, which was fun.

I read about you all on the WoW forums, and am looking for some regular M+ activity. I have a group of friends, mostly still on LS/Ch/Au, but we can eek out only 1-2 a week (just enough for a vault), which makes it a little hard to get into the groove to push. Your environment reads as friendly and older which suits me.

I am always happy to fit into whatever role is needed, though prog raid healing can be traumatic. My current situation finds me in the mood to tank but just not having the capacity to pug things to KSM and above.

I am also an avid 'mech pilot (MW:O) and have been known to pass on that enthusiasm.

I will reach out (unless someone beats me to it) in game or on disc.


Hey there! Since you can post here, it means you’ve already been approved! If you go back to the very front page of the website at, you can find our discord link. Hop in there and just ping wow-h officer and we can get you a guild invite!

Welcome!! Can’t wait to see you in game!