Application - Cptnredd

Greetings and salutations! Name is Andrew or call me Reddington. Im good with either, just dont call me late for a meal or a guild event. Im an active player that has been playing this game since Early BC. I have a fairly decent knowledge off all the expansions with the exception of legion which i missed completely. Played all through BFA and Now in Shadowlands im looking for a new home to park my toons and people to play with. I main a MM Hunter and would like to raid with him but dont have a lot of raiding exp yet in Nathria. Also have a MW monk and a GDruid that is almost 60. I enjoy PVE Raid/Mythic+, PVP Random and rated and Bourbon on the rocks. I hate these interview things so im not going to spew a lot more for you to read. HMU or msg me or whatever yall do and when we chat you can decide if im a fit or im a dumbass with no place in your guild. Either way Hope yall stay safe and have a good new year.



Hey! :slight_smile: Since you’re already approved on our website here, you just need an officer to get you an invite in-game. You can join our discord server through the link on our main web page (once you join, follow the DMed directions from the bot). You can then head to #wow-h-chat to see if there’s an officer available. Or you can request to join in the guild finder in game and we can add you when someone is on. Please make sure to put your forum/discord name in the note box.

If you are interested in raiding with us, please be sure to read through our raid rules. In a few weeks we will have an Open Raid available on Sunday nights too!

Just shout if you have any questions! Severinne#3611 on Discord.