Application - Cthulori

Hello! I’m very interested in joining. My main all throughout BFA was Cherrymade @ Lightbringer, and am looking to play horde side again. I’m an on and off again AOTC earner and have been raiding since Cataclysm. Looking to switch mains to a Havoc DH in Shadowlands as BM Hunter has lost it’s thrill for me. I hope this application will suffice as I don’t see any form to fill out!

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Hello! and thanks for applying. I am glad to see you have previous raiding experience we can help those who dont but its good to get some people in with a good foundation to help the process along.

I am Sketchie, one of the Raid Leaders for the horde side of Evolved. If you could either add me or provide your blizzard contact info I will be able to walk you through the process of getting an invite.

You have shown interest in raiding with us, I suggest if you have some free time to head over to our raiding rules for horde side. There are things that will be helpful to know ahead of time. (Min Requirements [will be adjusted when we get more info for new raids], addons, and other fun things.)

You will be able to add me to your friends list in game with the following. Sketch#1517

I look forward to you joining us :slight_smile:

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