Application Darkacra

I’ve had some friends tell me good things about this guild and i’m interested in joining to push PvE content such as M+ and raiding. Have some experience with all levels of raiding and your raid times happen to work great with my work schedule.

Though I plan on playing my hunter this xpac, below are logs for my DH who was my main for BFA.

(hunter’s name is sylvye on Area 52)

Thanks for your consideration.

Hey there Darkacra/Sylvye! We would be glad to have you, if you want make sure to check out the website and read through the Charter, and Raid rules!

If everything looks good, you are more than welcome to join the discord, and go to #jedbot-authentication channel and sign up there.

IN GAME you can /who Evolved Gaming and ask anyone to direct you to an officer for an invite.

We have a lot of members that play at all different levels of play. I think just about anyone could find a friend or two here!

I main hunter as well :slightly_smiling_face: HUNTER FOR LIFE!!!

Let me know if you have any questions!!