Application Deadgoth

Hi, I’ve been playing WoW since Vanilla open-beta!
I have extensive experience with AOTC, I think I have all of them except the Emerald Nightmare, but my soft spot is for Mythic Plus dungeons.
In BFA I went to the Alliance on the Stormrage server where I played a number of toons, but almost got a timed 15 for every dungeon on my Demonhunter tank.
My heart lies with The Horde though.
So I’m moving back to Area 52 and looking for a guild that can give me my fix of Mythic plus with some AOTC raiding thrown in.
I’ve been playing virtually all the classes in the prepatch, and I’ve settled on the Affliction Warlock, one of my favorites of all time.
If you guys want links to my other toons on Stormrage I can provide it, kind of like a resume to show my achievements:)
I look forward to meeting with you soon to discuss !


Hey there Deadgoth. Sounds like your interests are pretty inline with what we try to do here in Evolved. We don’t have any real requirements for you to join other than signing up on the website (which you obviously have already), so if you’d like to talk to us more, or get an invite in game you can join our Discord server from the link on the front page of the website. You’ll just have to set yourself up with Jedbot once you get into the Discord server (simply follow the instructions you’ll receive in a DM from the bot) and you’ll be able to see all of the channels. You can also ping @WoW-H Officers in Discord to see if any of us is currently online to assist you.

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Hello and Welcome to Evolved! Glad you decided to give us a try! Look forward to seeing you around Discord and in game!

Welcome home fam!