Application - Decomposed

Good morning,

After taking a raiding break this last xpac, Nymeiria and I have returned to start raiding again. I’ve been playing since beta-vanilla and can play many options. My rogue has been my main thru most xpacs except LK when I played prot/holy pally. Rogue would be my first choice but always willing to do what is best or most needed by the guild. Pally (tank/heals) or Priest (holy/shadow) would be options if needed. We’re app’ing after seeing former raid mates and friends Davegrohl and Harrypal have joined you and are enjoying your guild. Nymeiria will submit an app this evening when she gets home. We hope you’ll consider us to join your gaming family.

Thanks! Decomp

Hello and Welcome to Evolved! Glad to have you join our community! :slight_smile: