Application - droidxchaos

Hiya, this is Landon or droidxchaos, I’m applying for this guild on recommendation of some friends I have in the guild itself, the character I currently main is a Ret Pally that is 212 ilvl. I only recently really got into WoW after having tried numerous MMORPGs in the past and none of them really doing it for me, this time something clicked and I decided to stick with it and have continued playing and decided to actually join a guild, so here we are. Though I not the most experienced I would definitely like to give more end game content a shot.

Thanks for the consideration!

My discord is droidxchaos#1046

Thank you for your app!

We have a lot to offer on Horde side and since you already have an account on the website , I’d be more than happy to welcome you to the guild!!

Just message any available officer and we’ll get you set up!

Come on in and play with your friends !!!