Application— Enhancement Shaman

I am an adult over 21. My main character is an enhancement shaman. I BoA i did healing and DPS but stopped healing In Shadowlands because mythic and raid gear drops takes forever. My gear lvl is 216 I’m still learning Mythic and raid mechanics as I haven’t found a guild that has consistent raid and mythic groups. I wouldn’t mind healing again but I need gear to do that. My mai. Character is BUFIR. I also have 50 priest that I don’t play.

Hey Mobile800! You’ve done the hard part of applying for Evolved, which is setting yourself up on our forums. All you’ve gotta do now is get set up on Discord, follow the Jedbot authentication, and then ping @wow-h Officer to get any of the handy-dandy officers in game to help you out!


I tried setting up discord but never got an invite.

Got an invite to what? The game or discord? I’ve checked your usernames (forum username, what I assume is your character name, and the discord username) supplied and don’t see any use of the Jedbot in discord.

I haven’t got an invite to the game and discord. I requested an invite using guild finder for horde area 52. My discord is mobile800#9507 and my character is Bufir

On the homepage of our site you can access the discord link.