Application - Fandalto

Hi, I’m Fandalto, a Mistweaver Monk on Area 52. I’ve played WoW on and off since Vanilla. I used to play pretty serious but now I’m looking to play casually with a community of friends.I’m not really looking to raid - I’m mostly interested in Mythic+, leveling alts, and a bit of PvP. I found your guild because a friend of mine I used to play with is a member here. I’ve read both charters - the overall one and the area 52 guild specific one. Thanks for your consideration!

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Hey! :slight_smile: Since you’re already approved on our website here, you just need an officer to get you an invite in-game. You can join our discord server through the link on our main web page (once you join, follow the DMed directions from the bot). You can then head to #wow-h-chat to see if there’s an officer available. Or you can request to join in the guild finder in game and we can add you when someone is on. Please make sure to put your forum/discord name in the note box.

Just shout if you have any questions! Severinne#3611 on Discord.