Application for Membership

Hello everyone!

My name is Chris, in game Cwoods. Irl I am a trumpet performance major at Boise State University as well as an endorsed trumpet player with Phaeton Trumpets.

In game I just achieved level 60 and as of this post I am ilvl 130 but I am looking to gear up and join the ranks in 9.1! I raided on Horde, Area-52 with Salted (10/10 N & 10/10 H) but there was a very toxic argument so I left and went to alliance.

In game, I am looking to join a community and a team for season 2 that can push mythic content and I want to learn and be a part of this. I have dreamed since BofA to become a mythic raider, and now that I am becoming a genuine content creator as well as trumpet player, I want to commit to mythic raiding with Evolved.

Thank you for your time and consideration! Looking forward to hearing from you!


Cwoods :smile:


Just to be clear we are not a mythic oriented guild. We do AOTC each tier and if there is enough interest and motivation we dabble in mythic. If this still sounds like something you’d be interested in then we are more than happy to have you.

Easiest way to get invited is through the guild finder app linking your discord/forum name.