Application - Ghenki

Hello yall,

My name is Ghenki and am avid raider looking for a new home here on area 52. Was previously raiding with some friends over on hyjal however their times for raiding were just too hard to meet mainly because they were west coast times. I have exp through all expansions of WoW and mainly just looking for a great guild to raid with. I have read your rules, raid schedule, etiquette etc. My character is still xferring over to area 52 as I write this and will glady put in a request to join the guild if that is what is needed as well as join the discord tomorrow morning to discuss things with a officer.

Furhtermore I am a 203 Ret pally with 11/12 Normal and 7/12 Heroic CN. I Have put in application to join the guild.

Hey Ghenki! Welcome to Evolved! So excited to have you here to join us over on A52! Feel free to join our discord whenever you are ready, but that’ll be where all the newer information will be found regarding events in game, etc!

As for your raiding status, that’s awesome! Right now we are filling out wait list for raid teams, and so we do not have a role in our progression teams available at this time. BUT HOPE IS NOT LOST! We do normal raids every Sunday as our open raid night, and I’m sure you can find plenty of guild members willing to pug the runs if you do not get added into a team just yet! We look forward to seeing you in game!