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Hi there,

I’ve landed here after extensive research on Raiding guilds on U.S Servers. I have played WoW for the past 10 years on EU servers and after immigrating to the U.S 4 years ago I have been suffering the turmoil of bad ping and tough raid schedules. However, I have decided Shadowlands would be a good time to find a new community and a fresh start (although I won’t lie, losing all progress will be rough - especially my mounts & T-mogs :frowning: ).

Evolved seems like a great fit for me - I’ve always raided Mythic but now with real life taking over, this situation seems ideal. I have not created a character on U.S servers yet (I was waiting to find the right guild) so this gives me some flexibility and to pick a class/spec which will give me the greatest chance of joining one of the raid teams. I saw on the Reddit post that you are looking for Healers with DMG Off-spec? I would love to talk with one of the Raid Leaders about what healers they have in place and what is currently sought-after.

With Shadowlands delayed, I am committed to getting fully leveled and ready to rock in time for release and progression to begin.

Looking forward to chatting with you!



hi and welcome to the guild. if you have any questions, feel freee to ask. we are all super awesome and will help you out. look forward to plAYING WITH YOU IN SHADOWLANDS. sorry for caps lol

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Thank you @marzxan! U.S servers are better anyway amirite? :smiley:

Hi there. :slight_smile:

It may be easier to chat and answer questions via discord – feel free to DM me any time. Severine#3611. “Play what you like” is our philosophy around here. If you enjoy tanking or healing, you will need to have a DPS offspec. And of course, if you are interested in raiding with us, make sure you’ve read through our raid rules. Raid Schedule and Rules

Chat soon!

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