Application/Intro - Nymwitch

Howdy my name’s Anthony. I’m applying to your guild via a referral from Pixelterror (we’ve been friends since…WOTLK).

A little about my wow history…I started playing wow many many many moons ago. My toons all have the “Hand of A’dal” title (that’s how long it’s been). Throughout all the expansions I’ve always raided as a resto shaman. I decided it was time to switch to my priest (Nymwitch-Malorne) for shadowlands. I’ve always enjoyed the community feel with guilds & raiding with guilds. Unfortunately the guild I’m in now they’ve decided to not play this expansion. (I’ve been with these guys since BC). So I’ve been pugging each and everything 10/10n, 6/10h…it gets stale after awhile trying to find LFG each and every week.

Now personal…Penn State grad, LVN, gaymer, currently living in Texas.

I’ve read all the rules & other posts. Hopefully I can contribute in a positive way if you all accept me. I’d like to find a group to run CN (progression and farm), & mythics with :slight_smile:

ill be transferring my priest to A52 on Tuesday 1/26

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Welcome sir !

I have some good news for you… We’d be happy to have you aboard ! My name is Eskey , if you have any questions let me know !

Just so you are aware , we have a very short wait-list to get into a raid group (we run 3, 25 man groups )

Find an officer in game for invite! See you soon!