Application/Introduction - Nazdug


My name is J, I actually used to be in Evolved Alliance side in BFA with a character named Gromino. I had a Horde alt in the guild in A52 already but he was basically never played and eventually got wiped due to inactivity most likely. With the whole covenant thing I decided to use him this time around to play a different covenant/spec (Venthyr Enhancement Shaman) since my Alliance main is Necrolord Ele/Resto Shaman.

So this is my sort of re-applying so to speak, I’m already on Discord and everything but I don’t think I ever really got acquainted with the Horde players, so I thought I would take this opportunity to also introduce myself.

I started playing WoW recently relatively speaking, basically at the tail end of Legion, I think 7.2.5… still getting used to the lack of grind in SL comparatively haha.

I’m 25 years old, in my life outside of WoW I’m a full time graduate student pursuing a master’s degree which as you can imagine takes up a lot of my time. As such I mostly play casually these days (not a raider), basically just hit M+ or arena PvP when I can.

Welcome back to the guild Gromino! I already got you your invite in game earlier today, glad to have you back in the community!

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Welcome back Gromino! One of the awesome things about Evolved is always being able to come back and even switch factions of you want! Don’t be afraid to pop up and say hi in Alliance chat every now and then too!

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