Application - Isaandra

Hi, I’ve done some lurking on your forums and your website trying to get a feel for your guild. I think it is a good match for what I’m looking for. To tell you a bit about me, I’m 40 years old, have a career, family, and make those my priority. I am looking for a guild that is active on nights outside of raid nights. Raid time is not really a time to get to know people imo. I am looking to make friends that I enjoy talking to besides just raid strats. Also, I am not looking for progression mythic raiding.

I have been playing WoW alliance side since Vanilla and have been AOTC since Legion. My frost DK is what I’ve been playing for a few years now and tend to prefer melee or tanking to the other roles. The reason I’m looking for a new guild is because I’ve been floating around for this expansion. Before this, I was in the same guild since WoD and playing with the same people since Vanilla/BC. I followed a few friends over to horde side and area 52 with my DK and DH; however, their raid nights do not work for me. That brings me to you.

I believe my role in raid is for utility with good aoe damage. I pay attention to raid leaders & follow instructions well. I believe in simulating my dps and trying to meet that as best as possible. I do analyze my raid logs to see where I can improve. I come prepared with flasks, potions, weight/sharpening stones. I try to reimburse in some way if I use guild resources in any way.

I hope this tells you a little about me. I look forward to speaking with you and finding if you have a raid spot for heroic.

My bnet is Aurorra2009#1968 and my discord is Isaandra#4521.

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Hi Isaandra and welcome to the community! You sound like an awesome fit for our horde guild. You’ve already done the “hard” part by getting registered and approved on the forums. Go ahead and join our discord and ping @Wow-H Officer to get in touch with someone to get you a ginvite and all set up. Alternatively, you can use the in-game guild finder to get an invite just be sure to include your discord/forum name in the notes.

Look forward to gaming with you!

welcome!! sounds like you should fit in well here !