Application - Jaegerbom

Hello my name is Jonathan. I would like to apply to join the guild. My main is Mage named jaegerbom, currently specced fire geared towards the masterful build which will probably be going away in a couple of days. I haven’t raided since either Mists of Panderia or Cataclysm so it’s been awhile but I am looking to get back into it if possible. I came back about a year ago waiting to see if anyone from my old guild was still playing and gave up, switched my main to Horde and transferred to this server. I also have a level 120 Druid, Priest, and Paladin but I mostly just piddle around healing dungeons with those toons.

Based upon the other posts I’ve seen i will request an invite using the guild finder tool and provide my discord and id for this forum in the request. Let me know if I need to do something different

welcome to the family. @Severinne will be able to help you out.