Application - Jhhunt

Good afternoon,

I came across your thread on the official forums after perusing for a new guild. My current guild is swapping raid days that will not work with my schedule and I would like to continue raiding into Dragonflight and I really enjoyed what I saw.

About me, I’ve been playing since the 2nd Friends & Family beta, once upon a time I was in a server first guild, then a top 100 guild, then I went and got married and started a family. It was casual gameplay for quite a few years, with only some LFR sprinkled in when I had time, back to getting up to speed with Normal and Heroic raiding. I didn’t get to do much during SL because of Covid and the effect it had on our business.

I am a stay at home dad with 2 kids left in the house (oldest in college), and they are pretty independent which has freed me up for pretty much daily gaming, which my wife likes because I pay with gold, compared to her hobbies.

I have multiple 60’s of each class, but I have been focusing on my BM hunter for the past couple expansions. I am an avid collector of achievements, mounts, pets, transmog, and pretty much anything that can be completed in game and tracked (All the Things addon is a blessing and a curse).

In closing I would like to join Evolved Gaming because you seem like a great bunch of players, with a great reputation and a solid history. If approved hopefully I can be an asset to the guild.

Thanks for your time,


If you have not yet joined our discord, please do so:

To join the guild, search for us in the guild-finder (Evolved on Area-52 for Horde, Proudmoore for Alliance). Please be sure to list your Discord account name (Name#1234) when you apply - we use that to keep track of our members (and your application will be denied if it’s missing).

Of special interest to new members will be the #wow-chat pins with all of our cross-faction community information, and the #wow-information channel which has all of our general information.

Welcome to Evolved!