Application - Kaluu

Hey everyone,

I have been playing wow since vanilla off and on but was hooked during BC. Been a part of a decent casual raid group so I understand this guilds, raiding, conduct, etc. I was recently contacted in game about joining Evolved and was interested. It has been a while since I really had a raiding group and kind of lost contact with most of the people I was raiding with. That being said, I was pointed to this website. Signed up, added the discord (will take a bit to warm up to actual chatting), and here I am asking for a invite.

Iā€™m interested in DK Tanking/DPS and running PVP with my Rogue. I was contacted on my alts alt but realized I have more fun playing with my DK and Rogue. I have been playing Shadowlands but very casual and feel that this is a good time to join you all and get back into a decent, adult, active, and fun guild. I cannot find the guild in the finder but if someone can drop me an tell in game I would be happy to accept and would love to get to know you all.


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Hi and welcome! I will be on and off throughout the day and I will look for you and get you that invite. :sunglasses: